Vulvar pain? whats your opinion

  1. I am not having this pain, my mom is. I am a nurse and I am trying to figure out what her problem is. My mom has been having pain in her clitoris. She says she feels like if she could put a chip clip on it she almost feels like she could get relief...this is how she describes it. I googled vulvodinia and all the different types and she denies having those symptoms or any redness or lesions there. She recently in tha past few years had a Hysterectomy and recently in Nov 06 had a bladder tack back up in to place.

    The doctor gave her the antibiotic Sulfa a while back...I asked her is she had a UTI and she says she didnt know....well i figured she did...She is done with it now (the sulfa), and after finishing her Pyridium script she went to get OTC AZOstandard....basically same as pyridium....but OTC. She says she has some relief with that...but I dont think she should stay on that forever. She is scheduled to go to the urologist because she says when she tries to void, she feels it only drips out...I think she might have to have her ureter least get a cystoscopy and see whats up....shes had them before. I wish there were some really good GYN urological type MDs in jacksonville florida

    I even suggested she go to the pain center and get a femoral block or something to help the pain. Its been going on for a month or more now.

    She has been going to the pain center for her migraines that she has...

    Can any meds you guys know of cause clitoral pain? I even googled clitoral pain and they say you can have rare cases of clitoral priapism....but thats caused by certain meds she isnt on.

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  3. by   TazziRN
    Can't give advice or diagnose here, sorry.
  4. by   chaoticnme
    Oh wow...ok I wasnt asking for a diagnosis...I know nurses dont actually diagnose conditions. Was just asking opinions.
  5. by   KellNY
    Is she on any HRT or anything? That could cause a clitoral swelling (not really edema, more like an increased blood flow and super sensitivity)
  6. by   chaoticnme
    Actually she is on the generic version of Estrotest....not sure how long....

    Thanks...could be it, who knows....thanks though
  7. by   Tweety
    Quote from TazziRN
    Can't give advice or diagnose here, sorry.
    :yeahthat: Best of luck to you and your mother.