Vinyl Gloves

  1. Yesterday in nursing orientation (yay, I'm a new nurse!) during IV therapy, the nurse mentioned that the clear vinyl gloves are not a barrier for blood and you should either get latex or latex free bio-occlusive if there is an allergy when you are going to be dealing with blood. WHAT??? Is this true? I worked at four different hospitals during clinical and we were never told this. The only time we used latex gloves was during a sterile procedure, but for dressing changes, IV insertion and removal, blood draws, all that, we used the normal vinyl. Does anyone out there know the facts because I would like to be sure that I am using appropriate protection when I am dealing with blood. Thank you.
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    sorry never heard that one, we don't use latex gloves anymore either, except sterile.
  4. by   all4schwa
    we use synthetic and i hate them!! i noticed my mom had a box in her care (hospice) and she said it was all they use d/t allergies. i hadn't heard that they were better protection, but i would like to know.
  5. by   all4schwa
  6. by   all4schwa
    oops, i think that may be an article from a rubber companies website. take it for what it's worth.
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    We use the synthetic non-latex gloves, but not those clear vinyl things. The mediums were too big for most people, and the smals cut off circulation to the fingers.