Vanity vs Sensation

  1. I really need some input,,,, advice,, opinions,,,,

    I have always had weight problem,,,, throughout my twenties,, did all the diets,,,, diet pills,,,, lost weight and gained more back,,,

    Of course the first visable place I gain or lose is my breasts,,,,

    I was born with big boobs!!!!! seriously at 13 was a D cup,,, I have never liked wearing a bra,,,, and only do so when I absolutly have to,,,,,,

    Now at 45,,, over the past year and half,,,, I have succeeded in acomplishing a diet and exercise regimin that worked for me!!!

    Eat properly,,,, balanced diet,,, & go to gym three times a week,,, Feel the best I have ever,,,, and at a weight and size I am happy with,,,,,,,,

    To the point,,, my breasts,,,,, still large,,, a 36 D,,, & they still look okay to me,,,, meaning they are full and nipples still point up and out,,,,,, lol, not to the ground,,,,, but ,, they are lower than they used to be,,,, heavy and I would like them to be back up ,,,,, full,,,,,

    To enchance them is not an option,,,, would look like two watermellons,,,, to fill up the skin,,,!!!!!!

    Have researched breast reduction,,,, know the procedure,,,, or one procedure,,,, the insicion under breasts,, up to my nipple,,,, removal and replacement of areola,,,, and nipple,,,,, With great chance of no feeling returning,,,,,

    I love the sensations I get from my breasts,,, when intimate with hubby,,,, cannot imagine,,, not having that feeling,,,,,,

    Does anyone know any other techniques,,, currently used,,, I am not aware of,,,,,,,

    Has anyone had or known anyone with breast reduction,,, that has had the feelings return,,,,,,

    Any information regarding this issue is welcome and needed!!!!

    I don't need to make a decision now,,, but foresee it in future,,,, I have discussed all this with hubby and he likes them the way they are,,,,, but,,,,,,,,

    they are on my body,,,,,,,

    Thanks sooooo much for any input,,,,, Nikita~~
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  3. by   micro
    You sound pretty cool with how you are.

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    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas


    doo wah ditty
  5. by   cactus wren
    MEN !!!
    seriously, they don`t have the foggiest of how uncomfortable being overendowed can be. just read an interesting article on new technique using lipo for breat reduction....sounded much less invasive...only few small holes....but for the life of me I can`t remember where..........
    Ah,,,,of all the things I`ve lost.....I miss my mind the most
  6. by   Sarahstudent

    I really don't have an answer to your question, all I can say is go for it if thats what you want. You really don't need to listen to anyone else on this one. When I'm done having kids I'm looking at getting a reduction for many reasons. I love sports, and I want to look good to. Not for anyone, just for myself so that I will have high self esteem.....not having to worry if people are looking at them, or if they notice that one side is a whole cup size bigger (D and DD).

  7. by   LilmzmomRN2B
    My sister had one about 5 years ago and she regain her sensations after about 6 months. I had a consult to go to on this next week but I am cancelling until next May. I asked about it at the last Dr appointment thinking I would need to complain about the pain awhile. I didn't realize he would send me right on.

    I would be nervous about lipo because of my excess skin. I do want mine perkier so I am going to go with the older precedure.
  8. by   nakitamoon
    Thanks so much for replies so far,,,,,,

    CactusWren I haven't heard of the lipo procedure,,, but honestly don't think that will help,,,, I it the skin that has been stretched,,,

    Thinking there should be a procedure to cut around edge of aeroula,,,,, and like a dounut cut and remove skin reattacting by at areoula,,, so hard to describe,,,,,,

    Yes I agree it is hard for men to understand the weight exactlly how uncomfortable it can be,,,,,, I had ruptured the disc's between C5/7,,, ten years ago,,,,had a bone graft with insertion of plate,,,,, think the excess weight will help degeneration problems with my neck,,,,,,, I asked my hubby to stand behind me and carry them,,,,, If I had reduction,,, no immedialty 10/15 lbs,,, should be gone,,,,, all skin!!!!

    Sarah student,,,, this is for me,,,,, guestion in my mind being ,,,, am I willing to take chance on sensations returning,,,,,

    Six months sounds good,,,,, at least it returned,,,, work with one cna who had it done,,,,, she is pregnant now,,,, took 18 months for the feeling/sensitivity to come back,,,,, she says her doctor says she will be able to breast feed,,,,,,,,

    These are all positive things for me to hear,,,,,

    LilmzmonRN2b good luck on your procedure,,,,,,

    Thanks in advance for any more replys,,,,

  9. by   nakitamoon
    It's 4:30 am,,,, getting ready to go to work,,,,, reread my post hope you all can ,,,,,,, lots and lots of typo's,,,,,

    1st para,,,, should be It is the skin,,,,,,,
    3rd para,,,, think removal of excess wiegh will help with neck

    Sorry hope you can read between the typo's!!!!!! Nikita~~~
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Nakita, had BR in 1987 when I was a size 4 but had 36DD breasts. (yes I was VERY young when I did this!)....

    It was not about how I looked but how I felt. The sensation DID return, (but took a long time to). I felt GREAT (no more dig marks in shoulders w/bras and no more backaches), and I went on to breastfeed two babies afterward. Not that EVERYone could...but that is MY success story. And to look at them now, one would never know it was done. The scars are faded and UNDER the breast. And the nipplelines are normal.

    Just my story. Good luck with whatever you do decide.
  11. by   Dez
    Well my sister did have a reduction done about7 years ago. She had horrible back pain. I know cause I rubbed her back every night for hours. She wore a bathing suit under her clothes every day. So she looked like she had a huge pillow in her shirt! After it was done, she did lose feeling in her breasts, even now. But she didnt regret it ever! It was the best thing she ever did she says. The scars arent too bad anymore but they did sag a little after a couple of years.
  12. by   patsue53
    Don't you wish God would have equipped us with adjustable straps on our boobs (like on a bra) so you could hike those puppies when they start to sag? HMMM.....maybe I've just come up with an invention to make me a millionaire!
  13. by   nakitamoon
    LMAO,,,,, PATSUE53!!!!