UTI post cath. need opinions

  1. i would liketo ask this question of any experienced practicing nurse:

    does a pt have a risk for infection ( UTI ) AFTER removal of indwelling catheter. this is killing me, as this was a test question, and i cannot find any text to support risk for-UTI POST catheter.

    :trout: <-- me after the test
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  3. by   Murse901
    Depends on the circumstances, but in general terms I would say yes. The actual d/c procedure itself has basically no risk, which is why it is not a sterile procedure in the majority of facilities. However, the pt can still develop an infection at any time post-d/c if micro-organisms have been introduced into the urinary system.

    I would have to have more detail for that question.
  4. by   kukukajoo
    The article below states there is in increased risk for up to 30 days after removal:

  5. by   floatRN
    I can't find any published info. on the reason for this. Just a thought, though perhaps the urethra opening is stretched from the catheter and bacterie could get into the urethra easier?
  6. by   R0xyg4l
    Some how maybe it would interfere with the immune system to allow bacteria to enter in or also possibly the bacteria is present but not yet there to a detectable symptomatic level. My two cents.
  7. by   kukukajoo
    catheters become colonized very easily
  8. by   bisson
    well, i got the explanation from my professor/ instructor, although the question will probably get thrown out because it was not said in class and is not in the book , it's because the bacteria started to colonize while the catheter was in, after removal, the bacteria was still in the bladder, the risk for UTI is there. who knew ? not me, because it was not stated in class or in text. oh the joy of nursing school tests