Urine testing

  1. Hi I have a question about urine screening. I have never had to have a drug test before. I do not do illegal drugs but have heard stories about tests that came up positive because of advil. (probably a folk tale.)

    Anyway I do take Ultram which is Rx for my arthritis in my hip. Will this show up as a narcotic???/ It is not a controlled substance. I would be mortified if the test showed something when I do not take drugs illegally.

    I am probably being silly, but I haven't had a new job in 7 years, and then they did not do drug tests.

    Thanks ahead if anyone has any info.
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  3. by   Agnus
    Probably not. Ultram is not chemically related to opiates. Although it binds to opiate receptors.

    The best advice I can give is make sure that it is documented PRIOR to the test that you take this, and any other medications that you take.

    Avoid poppy seeds as sometimes if you eat a lot just before a test you can show up positive. But I think you have to eat an awful lot. I'm not going to test this out though.

    Make sure you keep evidence of any perscriptions. Don't sweat it. False positives are a thing of the past. It just doesn't happen anymore or very rarely. When they first started we did get false positives but testing and controls have changed. AND every specimen that is positive is retested.

    If you are not a user you have nothing to worry about.
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  4. by   zumalong
    Cool. I guess I just needed something to worry about. Thanks for answering.
  5. by   CEN35
    i have some books......well lots of books actually! :chuckle unfortunately they are all packed away somewhere right now. the one covers any type of lab test/drug screening etc etc. ultram will not show up in a drug screen, and despite what you have heard........advil will not either.

    the only thing that brings up false positives to my knowledge, was daypro. daypro is a strong nsaid for the arthritic community. however, i think celebrex and some of the newer ones have clearly replaced daypro.

    as far as false positives go, like with the daypro it's far and few in between. when a drug screen is performed, they don't actually test fro the drug. testing for the drug is near impossible. what they do know, is that after certain drugs are metabolized there are specific metabolites leftover. these metabolites circulate around in your bloodstream for hours to days. based on the metabolite, it takes your body certain periods of time to get rid of the metabolites. the metabolite that daypro leaves, is the same as the metabolite leftover by cocaine.

    if your concerned, try not taking any ultram or anything for 10 days. everything clears in 3-9 days, except for thc. allegedly, thc metabolites can remain for 30 days.

    this is good er knowledge, helps you decide if some patients are telling the truth or not!

    just my 2 cents.......

  6. by   Agnus
    thanks for the specifics. I am printing this out as it may be valuable to someone in the future. It may help me put someone elses fears to rest.
  7. by   BrandyBSN
    I worried about the urine tests as well.. so I went through my apartment, and gathered every medication I still had, and all that I remembered taking in the past 6 months (i take a lot of medicine daily).

    I brought in the list of drugs that I had taken, and they were all written down on my test sheet! I think I was probably paranoid, but it DID make me feel better "just in case". The blood tech laughed at my list, and commented on how "complete" it was. I didnt leave anything to chance

    All came back negative anyways It was a lot of worrying for nothing

  8. by   rnoflabor2000
    I worked for an airline for many years and was frequently tested due to a policy of random drug testing. I take Ibuprofen frequently for a mild form of arthritis. Urine drug screens are generally done in the primary form. Just for detection of substances. If any of them came up, a more sophisticated, or enhanced, test is done. This will confirm the substance to be either an illicit drug or a common OTC drug, such as Ibuprofen. These tests are highly accurate. Also, if you do take a prescription narcotic, not to fear. It is a prescription and as long as you have the bottle with your name on it, you will not be "in trouble". Generally, the tester does not ask what you are on until a positive results is obtained. Then they should call you and ask what you have taken in the past month. The longest time a drug (that they are looking for) can be found in your system is a month, if you no longer take it. This is true of illicit, OTC, and prescription drugs.
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  9. by   mario_ragucci
    Just stop taking everything for a month, if you want to submit squeaky clean. During a physical, dayel ask what meds you are taking. I wish I could take a "field trip" to that uninalysis place and talk about what is happening, armed with my basic microbiology:chuckle
    I don't know anything about a machine that would break down your urine. I heard it called, gas chromeography

    Plus I submitted my blood. Thats my DNA, and I wonder if there is a machine that can check my DNA for stuff. That is the question.
    The pisstest is so unamerican. Your not free from peoples means to refuse you.
    Also, i heard that these pisstests can detect pills that are supposed to "clean you out?" Do they work ?

    But drug abuse is reality, so folks gotta use the pisstest as a rule to say no. But, I heard some hard drugs only are detectable for several days, while pot is >=45 days. And you could booze hard one night, and be really whoozie the next day too.
  10. by   rnoflabor2000
    These so called cleansing pills will not get rid of the up to 30days that marijuana will stay in your system. Good thing they don't use the hair analysis method, especially if you have long hair, yet.
    You guys are testing my memory of the good old days working in drug & alcohol rehab...

    Most of these drugs are gone quickly, within hours to about 1-2 days. THC is the one that lingers, particularly in the chronic (pardon the pun) users. I believe it's because it's not water soluable, but fat soluable. Sticks to the fat cells and hangs out longer.

    I have an in law that frequently runs out and spends good money on those "cover ups". Fails every test. I think he said it was pills, followed by something absurd like 8-10 gallons of water in a 12-24 hour period.

  12. by   rnoflabor2000
    OBnurse Heather,
    That's the one!!! It was called Gold Seal, or something like that. And it did take an absurd amt of water. The fat soluable qualities of marijuana explains why the pills didn't work. I had a friend who thought that would work and lost his job because he believed that it would. I would be surprised if you could still get that "herbal remedy" anymore. Someone must've sued them by now.
  13. by   colleen10
    Have any of you heard about the guy that sells urine over the internet? This was a few years ago so I'm not sure if he was eventually closed down. But I know it took lawyers quite a while to finagle a legal way to attempt to close him down. Apparently urine selling wasn't at the top of the list when our fore fathers wrote our constitution/laws.

    You can buy Male or Female "clean" urine. But now I've seen that a lot of places put a little mini thermometer on the cup to make sure that it just came from you.
  14. by   GPatty
    They will ask you previous to the test if you are on or have taken any medication. Just tell them what you are on...