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  1. problem: working with a dangerous nurse

    Now, made the complaint through my agency, the hospital responded saying that they knew there were problems with this nurse and they were putting her back on orientation and they told my agency that they thought I was wonderful and they really appreciated my being a patient advocate. Well, I came back to work tonight and that nurse is not on orientation, she is working and taking a full load, and management came through and told the day shift nurses that I was the only one with a problem with this nurse.
    I have put another call into my agency....not sure what to do next......am so frustrated.
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  3. by   hikernurse
    Sheesh, ER. Are you feeling like a scapegoat yet? It seems the hospital is opening itself wide liability-wise. I read your other thread--I wouldn't want to work with that nurse, either.
  4. by   ertravelrn
    I feel terrible.........
    I am supposed to work with her tomorrow night, but sure am not feeling like it.
    I cannot believe the out and out lying the facility is doing.
    It sure was good to see a familiar name with a response........ty
  5. by   TazziRN
    I think your agency should pull you out of there for the safety of your license and their rep and tell the facility that they have broken the contract by not providing a safe and supportive working environment.
  6. by   caliotter3
    So you now know that the hosp mgmt people think nothing of rearranging the truth as it suits their purposes. How long is your contract? Are you going to extend or accept an assignment there again? As long as you do not have to interact with this person, who I would not want to work with either, you should be able to get through your contract dates. But you should, if you feel this strongly about it, write the situation up, and submit it to your agency, and think twice about going back to that hosp.
  7. by   ertravelrn
    Tazzi.....I am not going to come in the rest of this weekend.....I called my recruiter when I got to work and found out the truth......they agreed with me to not come in until they can find out what happened on monday..I also told my recruiter that I want out of this contract......she said we will discuss it on monday (don't blame her, I called her at home)
    Caliotter.... my contract ends the last of may, there is no way I will renew here, not after this, and the problem is that they have me working with her every weekend. I have written everything up, submitted it to my agency and they thought it was worked out....hospital lied to them. I wonder what the NM, nurse director of the er thought I would do when I came in and saw that nothing had changed.
    I really appreciate everyones advice/support, my husband tries but doesn't quite get it.
  8. by   TazziRN
    Tazzi.....I am not going to come in the rest of this weekend.....I called my recruiter when I got to work and found out the truth......they agreed with me to not come in until they can find out what happened on monday..
    Good.....sounds like you have her support.

    my husband tries but doesn't quite get it.
    Of course he doesn't!! I love my husband dearly, with all my heart. He is my soulmate and more important to me than anything, but he doesn't understand work stuff either.
  9. by   caliotter3
    Well, I can't say that I blame you for deciding to quit the contract. One of the pros of travel nrsg is the flexibility to not have to get involved with or deal with sticky or political situations. I just hope that you are not hurting yourself with your agency. I know how sometimes (most of the time) even though you are not the problem, the employer will make you into the "problem" because they want good little employees who complain about nothing and do not generate problems of any kind. Good luck in getting another assignment. Explain to your husband that you can not work under impossible conditions, and that it is more important for you to look out for yourself when you are not at a permanent job. Good luck.
  10. by   ertravelrn
    Caliotter.... My husband was excited when I told him I was coming home early....lol...he just has trouble in the support department, for him it is black and white...for me there is the grey area...but anyway, so far my agency has been very supportive, when I sent them the c/o in writing they became very upset on my behalf......and on behalf of the patients....plus, I have traveled with this company for a total of two years, and this is the first time there has been a problem, and thankfully I had a patient write to the agency and compliment me on my care of her and her family.
    My husband has already started looking for jobs for me in the neighborhood we live in.......I guess he is tired of having a wife he doesn't live with......we married a little over a year ago, and have yet to live together full time...I keep telling him this is one way to keep us married, is always like a honeymoon when we see each other......lol
  11. by   caliotter3
    Hey, stay home and enjoy your new hubby! Poor thing, must feel neglected and unneeded! You need to find a way to bring him along if you are going to stay with traveling! Good luck with finding something close by.
  12. by   ertravelrn
    Caliotter......He helped me decide to continue traveling, mostly it is out of need, we still own our home in colorado and now own one in Oklahoma, however, we just got the one in co rented....so, now can stop traveling and settling down and work near home. It will be nice for a change.

    Oh, just looked at the schedule.....Sat night we are the trauma hospital, that should be interesting with her the only one in obs.
  13. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from ertravelrn
    Tazzi.....I am not going to come in the rest of this weekend......

    I wonder, if there is no way out of the contract, if they can put you on another unit. I wouldn't/don't trust this hospital but, if you are up against a wall, at least you don't have to work with this dingbat.
  14. by   ertravelrn
    I asked my recruiter about that tonight, she said we will discuss that on Monday, I don't blame her, she is at home and not on call......she gave me her cell number in case there were any problems.
    I no longer trust them and that means I need to move on.