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The first of the week, they did another culture. Results today indicate it's even worse, so after a series of blood tests are taken, we will be doing the BID IV Vancomycin. What a thrill. He's... Read More

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    Originally posted by warrior woman
    Hey kiddo. I know this sucks, but I figure with you in his corner, Jimmy can only get better!! This is just another test that has been presented to you. Just remember that okay? The IV Vanc will SURELY knock this out once and for all, so quit worrying you hear? Love ya pal!:kiss Warrior Woman.

    :kiss RIGHT BACK AT 'CHA BABE! :kiss
  2. by   NRSKarenRN

    How long is the Vancomycin treatment? If more than two weeks, request a PICC line to be placed. It will make it easier on his veins. Homecare in my area even obtains labs:Vanco peak and trough from our PICCS, although I know not all agencies permit this. HAve treated several patients like your hubby.

    He might just need a week off duty to stop the moisture/occlusiveness of gloves and allow good air flow to skin while vanco does it's job. Please consult an Infectious disease specialist if no response seen in first week of IVAB.

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for both of you. PM if info on vanco desired.
  3. by   Roland
    such as high doses of garlic (preferably odorless) along with echinacia and goldenseal? He should obviously consult with his doctor to rule out conflicts with the other drugs he is taking. One book which might prove useful is Prescription for Nutritional Healing. How about soaking the hands in epson salts, along with using Hydrogen Peroxide on them nightly? I read of a VRSA case being treated sucessfully in Detroit by using Sulfa based drugs of all things. Garlic works through a metabolic pathway similar to Sulfa drugs.
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