Up Date On Kid

  1. First thanks to all who provided help with this child.

    She is living in our home and has in fact become my kid. She follows the rules, does her chores, and found out that no matter what she does, she has a home. We looked into adoption for her and found that her parents would not terminate their rights ( SS check on child). However, we found out that we could apply for gardianship until she was 21. Told her that she really needed to think about this as it was for life. Told her that even when she turned 21 and no longer needed an adult to sign things and help with school, that she was a member of our family. Explained that this meant that I would always put my two sense in, that "dad" would always think that no body was good enough for her, that her kids would be our grandkids and that their kids would be our great grandkids. Explained that this would be a life time committment from both parties, and it would carry the weight and the joys of same.

    My husband did let her read the previous post on here. She was bawling by time she got through. Stated that she did not think that she was that important and was only a temporary member of the family. This girl takes her licks right along with her "sister". They fight, make up, have secrets, and band together to get around the "parental units".

    I wanted to let you know that your help was a God send and this girl is now, truely, a daughter in our home and hearts.

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  3. by   Noney
    You know what? I think you're a very nice person

  4. by   glopop11
    I don't cry easy but..............I'm crying as I read this :angel2:
  5. by   unknown99
    It would be a better world if there were more people like you and your family.
    I think that it is awesome for you to accept and love that girl like she was your own.
  6. by   Tweety
    That's awesome!