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  1. So I have been living out of the country for 3 years, and moved back and am retaking BLS and ACLS. I have been really disapointed with the course and teachers! I took my BLS at a paramedic school and we watched a quick movie and went over the test as a group...thats it. No showing chest compressions or individual tests. Crazy right? Then today I go to my ACLS class. I was told this class would be about 6 hours and because its a shorter class (most of them are 2 full days) that I would study the packet the teacher emailed to us. So the packet is 5 pages long and are the different algorhythms (sp?). So I get to the class today and we watched part of the movie, but then the dvd started skipping so he stopped it and went over the Chest Pain section briefly. Then we watched a 5 min megacode on another dvd, then he went over 3 rhythm strips, then we took the written test as a class. Thats it! No manaquin or individual test! I cant believe it! I was in and out of the ACLS class in 1 hour and 45 min!!!! Sheesh! The BLS class was at least 2 hours.

    Now I'm online watching youtube megacodes, trying to figure out what exactly I didnt learn. The American Heart Association has really laxed their standards, in my opinion.

    Ok, enough venting. Lets hope I dont have to run a code anytime soon!
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  3. by   bill4745
    In my hospital the initial ACLS class (or a renewal if over two years) is two six-hour days. I think you should get in touch with the American Heart Assn. and let them know what's going on.
  4. by   MERRYWIDOW46
    I am a BLS instructor, the primary class is 8 hours if you need to start from scratch. Renewal can be 2-4 hours.

    ACLS from scratch two full 6-8 hour days and each participant should run a mock code. Renewal 6-8 hour class.

    American Heart will not be happy if someone is presenting programs as American Heart endorsed and not doing them properly. Contact American Heart to verify that these were in fact classes that were at a certified American Heart teaching facility. They inspect us regularly and set strick standards. Does not seem these classes were at and AHA facility.

    Good Luck.
  5. by   PureLifeRN
    This was not at a specific AHA facility, but at a cpr training center, and I did recieve a AHA card at the end of the class. Do you think if I contact AHA they would let me sit in on another ACLS class and not pay another $200?
  6. by   MERRYWIDOW46
    If you rec'd an AHA ACLS card it WAS an AHA facility. They sort of "franchise" for the lack of a better work, facilities to do the training. They inspect and credential these facilities. The facilities MUST follow AHA rules for teaching or no longer represent themselves as an AHA facility.

    I would contact AHA immediately and voice your concerns. Not sure what they will do, but you know about the "Squeaky Wheel". Good Luck, I am sorry you had this experience.

    Does your hospital offer ACLS classes???