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I am a new nurse and have recently heard that the nurses at my hospital are considering going union. It seems (at least on my unit) that the biggest issue is pay. Are any of you guys union and if... Read More

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    Originally posted by Gomer
    Spacenurse, I've said it before....CNA and SEIU are in a war and it is the bedside nurse who has become the victim of their battles. Why any nurse would want to belong to such groups is beyond me.
    I have been a member of CNA for many years. First when working at a CNA facility, contunued membership when working at a non CNA hospital, now back at the first place, same unit & shift. The education on how to advocate for patients is reason enough to join together with other nurses to improve patient care. I will tell you why:

    WE do it for our PATIENTS!

    God forbid, Gomer, that you may need a registered nurse some day. We are all one accident or illness away from that need. I hope if it happens one of us is there for you!
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    Nurses working at the Tenet hospitals with the SEIU agreement have three choices:
    1. Quit your job.
    2. Get SEIU, picked by the company to be your union.
    3. Sign a CNA card for a National Labor Board election.

    If you choose #3 you will have an election. The nurses will vote

    No Union

    At least there is a choice. You know what I did. I could never do #2 and pay dues to a union Tenet was in agreement with!
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    Originally posted by teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    You find yourselves getting drawn into the collective bargaining mass. < sounds like something out of startrek with the borg collective>... It just doesnt work for me. But for those it does work for I wish you the best and God Bless you.
    Yes. I look forward to crossing strikelines also.
    doo wah ditty
    Well it sounds like democracy and working together to me. I have NOT been assimilated.
    My fellow nurses know my strenghts and weaknesses. I get on their nerves sometimes. The very same nurse who annoys me comes up with great ideas. We are together on not accepting unsafe assignments.
    I see excellent and terrible conditions when working registry. There are units so unsafe I cannot imagine going back.

    We both know the Borg are fictional. I just want to know if you think they elected their Queen?

    To get WAY off the subject, do you prefer ST- TO, TNG, DS- 9, Voyager, or Enterprise?
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    Not RNs. LVNs and CNAs, RTs, and clerks are involved. Also Lab and other employees whose jobs are essential to patient care. (Who wants to be a patient where there are not enough houskeepins staff?)

    June 03, 2003 Pasadena, CA
    Valley medical center workers threaten strike
    By Emanuel Parker, Staff Writer
    SAN GABRIEL -- Workers at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center held a noisy two-hour demonstration Monday and threatened to strike because hospital administrators have failed to negotiate a contract with their union.
    Fernando Losada, director of the Caregivers and Healthcare Employees Union, said since January they have been trying unsuccessful to reach an agreement with the hospital during negotiations at Monrovia's Holiday Inn.
    "That is why we are prepared to picket and even strike if we have to,' said Mirna Martinez, a CHEU negotiator and nursing assistant.
    The union represents about 400 "nonregistered nursing staff,' including lab technicians, licensed vocational nurses, aides and clerical support staff, Losada said. As many as 40 workers picketed Monday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the almost 300-bed hospital at 438 W. Las Tunas Drive.
    "We are profoundly concerned about the low wages and the wage disparity in this hospital, which keeps qualified and experienced staff from staying here, and makes it very difficult for the hospital to fill empty positions with new people,' Losada said.
    Eileen Diamond, vice president of development and public relations for the hospital, was not immediately available for comment.
    Esther Gomez, who works in surgery, said there's turmoil at the hospital because new hires are paid more than employees with years of seniority.
    "There's a lot of disparity,' she said. "People with seniority are still getting real low wages that don't cover the cost of living. Whereas new people ... are getting what's up to date now. It's not fair.'
    Union officials claim the hospital's substandard pay makes it hard for departments to hire and keep qualified X-ray technicians and students are doing work that should be performed by licensed techs.
    -- Emanuel Parker can be reached at (626) 578-6300, Ext. 4475, or by e-mail at emanuel.parker@sgvn.com.
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    Originally posted by healingtouchRN
    that makes me really sad I read it because my base is not that of even the new grads & I've been outta school since the '80's....& have certification in my specialty....(heavy sigh). I tried to get union at my hospital but it just got me alot of people who were scared to talk to me.
    It is too bad fear keeps care standards and respect for nurses (including pay) low. If most are united it is still a struggle with management, but with the shortage they don't discipline a member of the majority.

    Perhaps a teaching hospital or university hospital is near enough. I think the pay is better and there are certification bonuses.
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    Can anyone help me in finding out how to go about organizing a union? Who should I contact? Where should I look to start?
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    the new national labor union for RNs is the United American Nurses,AFL-CIO (UAN). It's run for and by working staff nurses only. Current membership is over 100,000 staff RNs in 27 states, so far.

    website: http://www.UANnurse.org

    email: organize@uannurse.org
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    Thanks for the info and website. I am working with our local State Nusing Ass. (MONA) to get a union going here at Boone Hospital in Columbia, MO.
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    No! If you are unhappy with your employer... resign!