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What do you all think of current nursing wear. it kills me to go up to a adult floor and see RN's wearing all these crazy looking tops with cartoons and teddy bears on them. personally i see why some... Read More

  1. by   Ortho_RN
    Tonight I wore my really bright St Judes scrub top to work, and I had 7pts comment on how nice my top was...
  2. by   judy ann
    I see so many comments that the cartoon and funny tops are only appropriate for peds. I have worn them in LTC with very positive comments from residents and their families. I have Snoopy, fairies, angels, etc, but the one I like the most is my Maxine. One day when I wore it, I noticed one of the gentlemen residents standing near me and staring at my "front". He was reading the joke on my scrub top! When I am in a LTC facility, I am in the resident's home, and I am a guest. The residents know me, and don't need a white (or otherwise) uniform to identify me. I have even gotten requests for certain tops when out of town visitors are expected.:angel2:
  3. by   AngelGirl
    I have no qualms with uniforms.

    It's the NAME TAGS and lack of INTRODUCTIONS that cause me trouble. I am an ER nurse. I recently had the amazing adventure of being a patient in another ER.

    EVERY single person who came in wore either NO name tag, or one that flipped over. Not one person.... NOT ONE... introduced him/herself to me. I felt stupid asking who anyone was (shouldn't have, but I did). Color coding was no help, since I didn't know what it meant.
    Even the MD just showed up at my bedside and started talking AT me. For all I knew, he could have been a radiology tech or even the plumber!

    I learned A LOT from that experience. I've always tried to indroduce myself. Now I DEFINITELY do. "Hello, my name is ........ I'll be your nurse this evening." Takes TWO SECONDS.
    This, I've found puts people FAR MORE AT EASE than the color/style of a uniform.

    Thanks for listening.
  4. by   Andy S.
    I do not even own a pair of white scrubs, and I think I own two pair of solid color scrubs. I love my crazy scrubs. I wear everthing from pink flamingos to frogs to yellow rubber duckies! I wear a badge that says RN on it and I introduce myself to my patients as such. My clothing says nothing of my skills, but loads of my personality. I have had many patients say how much better they like the colors than all the stuffy white crap. Next thing you'll know they'll want to bring back caps and skirts! LOL, I think I need to get some sleep. I am possibly a little grouchy :chuckle

  5. by   KailuaNurse
    I personally love to wear printed tops. I think it adds color and spice. I also work on the peds unit and some of my tops have helped my little patients to open up. I have both pediatric and adult prints.

    I agree with other posters that our professionalism should do our talking for us. However, no matter what we choose to wear it should be neat. It absolutely kills me when I see a nurses with an unironed top and pants. Also no long fingernails for me. Talk about scary for the kids.
  6. by   angelbear
    I think the prints and characters add cheer and make us look less stuffy and more approachable. Personally, if someone is going to judge me by what I wear instead of how I perform my duties and how I interact with others, that would be their problem not mine.
  7. by   welnet66
    Sorry to those who think those printed tops are great. I can't get over the childish, pajama party look of them. Come on guys, how serious can you be taken with baby bunnies jumping all over your lapel!
  8. by   Buddha
    I work in LTC. I wear the most unusual print tops d/t my wonderful Mom who can sew one in a heartbeat. I let her pick out the print but tell her to remember my patients at work. She has made everything from John Deere and Burma Shave to 60's cartoons. Well I also have SpongeBOB too (I bought that!). When I wear these even the most quiet patient has reponded to my top. I do not want EVER to be placed in a box. Nurses as a profession have come a long way baby to be shut in that box. I agree that we should have good hygiene and put our hair up. I fell sorry for the patients who need R/S from those whom have 9 inch nails OUCH!!! We can agree to disagree but i for one am glad we have the right to wear what we want. I friend of mine was telling me when she had to stand up whenever a MD was present and call Sir this and that. I shutter to think this was just a few years ago.
  9. by   gizzy76
    I am glad too that we are allowed to wear whatever color scrubs to work that we desire. I love the colored funky scrubs! I have made a few of my own tops with Mickey Mouse, Stars, and I even made a jacket that's green with pools balls on it. I get a ton of compliments on that one!
    What I don't understand is how the hospital I work in can say that the staff are allowed to wear whatever they want to work as long as it is not blue jeans (black, green, red etc are acceptable) and as long as they look professional. Just this morning I got off work and the other RN who came on was wearing beige jeans and an oversized bluish hoodie type sweatshirt. She looked sloppy and terrible but this is okay in our facility. It makes me sad. At the same time, I think that dress clothes should be saved for something like public health nursing for instance. I know that I would not be passing pills or doing beside care in a pair of dress pants and a blouse. It just doesn't seem right.
  10. by   PowerPuffGirl
    I'm flipping thru the Jasco catalog, and honestly, there's only maybe 2 or 3 prints in there that I would be willing to wear. I think some of the cartoons would be cute for Peds, but some of the prints are just too cutsey, and some are just unattractive.
  11. by   Ortho_RN
    Originally posted by brefni
    Sorry to those who think those printed tops are great. I can't get over the childish, pajama party look of them. Come on guys, how serious can you be taken with baby bunnies jumping all over your lapel!
    I'm sorry but I don't think the majority of bunny judge your mental ability by your scrubs.... That is just crazy to me... I think the people see your ability when you talk to them, answer their questions, do your skills.. It doesn't have a darn thing to do with wearing Spongebob Squarepants, Rubber Duckies, Bunnies , or anything else... And my scrubs don't look like a Pajama Party... I wear my colored, printed, crazy tops with white pants... And even had comments from the Director of the hospital on how nice it looks...

    And for everyone that says cutesy tops belong in Peds... Last thing I remember reading in my Geriatrics books, is that alot of older people end up reverting back to child like states... I think the prints are great for the older people, much better than looking at the Stiff whiteness of those wonderful clinical solid white uniforms..
  12. by   Scavenger'sWife
    I wear the "cutesy" tops if I feel in the mood. If I don't then I wear solids. Thank goodness my facility allows us to choose. I have Tinker Bell, a top with turtles on it, a pretty one that looks oriental (white, red, black), an OSU top (red w a block "O" and a buckeye!), a red-white-blue flag top, etc....The top I get the mosdt positive comments on happens to be a Winnie-the-Pooh top that is BRIGHT - orange and yellows and greens. I hear many many patients and staff say what a pretty, cheerful top it is and how nice it looks on me.

    I feel it is the REST of the person that says "professional": I iron (and starch, too....so what - sue me..) my unis, I wear minimal make-up, no perfume, short & clean nails, minimal jewelry (wedding rings, one or 2 on righ hand, watch, one set small earrings, sometimes one necklace, esp a crucifix), CLEAN shoes (all white), etc. I ALWAYS introduce myself to the patient and tell them my professional status and how long I will be their nurse ("Good Morning, Mr. Jones. My name is Deb and I will be your RN until 7 PM....Do you like to be called Mr. Jones or may I call you Robert?"

    Our hospital enforces a dress code that is pretty much what I just detailed. Our maintenance people wear a specific uni, our cafeteria aides wear a specific uni, and the cleaning staff wears a specific uni. As for nursing, the only unit that wears a specific dress is Labor/L&D/Newborn. Peds as well as ER, Med-Surg, Ortho, Surg, ICU can wear whatever uniforms they want.

    I just started Home Health and we can wear professional street clothes OR a uniform. Many wear street clothing with a lab coat over to look more "professional" and to protect their clothing. So far, I have worn both, and haven't formed an opinion about that. Guess I will wear what I fell like for that day based on what I will do that day.

    What I hate: Long hanging-down hair (it is against the dress code, but sometimes not enforced), long nail (this IS enforced), and wrinkled, faded out unis. We do have a policy against acrylic nails, but several RNs have short ones (not tips) and go "natural" (no polish), stating they will not get rid of them as long as this particular Nurse Manager has LONG ones PAINTED all kinds of garish colors.
  13. by   OntRPN
    I am a Registered Practical Nurse in Charge at a Retirement home
    I have tweety scooby doo and YES spongebob and the residents love them.