1. Ok, as some of you may have read in the LPN forum I got let go from my corrections nursing job last week. It was usually very stressful and was only about 80% anyways. I also have a very part-time job at a nursing home. I've filled a few apps out but no responses yet. So I asked if there was any hours available at the NH. They said they had a few days on 3rd the next couple weeks. I never worked 3rd, but thought I better take what I can get. Now I hear it "could" lead to 80% or FT, but who knows. The problem is its a good 30 mile drive and will make it more difficult to look for work or go for interviews on 1st shift. I also applied for unemployment last week thinking I might get $200 or so. I knew you had to subtract what you work, but I was only working every other Saturday. Well, it says I qualify for about $332 a week! I think it was a mistake because I was only bringing home about $375 working. Now I'm wondering if it was a mistake volunteering to work a few days on 3rd as that will probably reduce my unemp. benefits to around 0 for the week. I guess you can apply from week to week. I'm not sure all the rules as I seldom have to apply. I also assume you have to tell them or if they find out you could get in trouble correct? I have nothing against working if it leads to full-time, but just hope I don't pass up on a better job when I'm sleeping during the day I'll have to turn the phone off. But I guess its just a few days so I can still look on my off days. It seems I would almost be better off getting a delivery job for awhile where you don't have to claim tips, but I hate the thoughts of going back to that after getting my nursing license. Any advice or anybody know the rules of unemployment fairly well?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    There is no way you can get around not reporting your work to the unemployment people. Employers report your earnings to the government with your SSN. You only apply for unemployment the first time. Then your claim is ongoing for a period of, I think, one year. Each week you send in a report of your job hunting and any days worked and you get paid accordingly. This goes on until you get a permanent job and close your claim or your claim runs out, whichever comes first. Good luck in your job hunt.
  4. by   Medsport
    I see, so there is no point filing a claim for this week if I'm going to work 3 days, but if I only work 2 days next week I should file? So it stays active until you get a full-time job? I already have a permanent job, but its only part-time right now...
  5. by   caliotter3
    No. You are missing the point. The unemployment office will send you a form to fill out (this is how it is done in my state). On the form you have to check a box that states you looked for work (or you may have to list the places where you asked for a job). You also show any days that you worked for the seven or 14 day period covered by the form. They subtract your benefit for the days you worked and you get the remainder. As I recall, you may not lose your entire benefit for the day. You might get a smaller benefit for any days worked. It is to your advantage to send in the report. As a matter of fact, you will get in trouble for not sending the report in. So if you want to stop the claim, you have to notify the office to do so. You just don't stop sending in the form. HTH
  6. by   caliotter3
    You can still have an ongoing claim if you work part time. The claim ends when you get full time work.
  7. by   Whispera
    I agree with the above. Also, if you want to get a better job, leave your phone ON during the day even if you need to be sleeping. No one will call you after business hours!
  8. by   sunray12
    I'm a distance commuter so a 30 minute drive is would be a good deal for me . If you can find a job closer to home that's great but in the mean time there's nothing wrong with taking what you can get if you need it. You shouldn't have to pass on opportunities just because you're working part time. Put the ringer on mute while you sleep but check your voicemail as soon as you get up and schedule interviews for days when you're off.
  9. by   It'sMe, RN, BBA, MBA
    LOL! I couldn't leave the phone on while I was sleeping after nightshift. The caller would think I was drunk at 11 am in the morning!!!!! Leave the phone off and then call the recruiter that calls when you have a chance. In fact, you can call them back and leave a voice mail that you are a "day sleeper" and they will call you back and leave times you can call them. Nurse recruiters are very well aware of the "day sleeper" issues.