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What is the strangest and most unconventional treatment you have ever given for you patient? Did it work? I had a HHC patient who had a terrible itchy rash. She had it for months and many dg had... Read More

  1. by   semstr
    Agnus, thank you for this explanation. That is exactly what flannel is.
    We still use it a lot here, also to keep warm ourselves! My ski-underwear is made of it!
    And in the hospital we use it in geriatrics, it is awfully nice to lay on too (better than the hard bedsheets) plus the old people know this fabric from the old days and feel more comfortable on it.
    And of course we make our onionthings with it.
  2. by   flowerchild
    The posts on this thread have been very interesting. I love this stuff! Thanks to everyone who posted here. Keep 'em coming!
  3. by   RNonsense
    We had a neurosurgeon who insisted on vinegar soaked dressings over the trach site when the trach was removed. None of us had ever heard of it then ...but my lord...does it work well. Site heals FAST! Anyone else ever hear of this?
  4. by   BBnurse34
    I think vinegar has bacteriacidal or antlfungal properties. I used to clean respiratory equipment with it.
  5. by   flowerchild
    Vineger is Acetic Acid. When I did HHC, I had several patients that used Vineger instead of Acetic Acid for financial reasons. We kept in the fridge and used it for the wound care and bladder flushes. Came from the grocery store and the Doc wrote the order specific for Vineger. Not the flavored or cider kind though! LOL.
  6. by   viennafingers26
    On the honey for wounds thing:

    (A) All sugar is a preservative, meaning that it keeps bacteria and stuff from growing when it is in high enough concentrations.
    (B) I did a research project on medicinal honey in nursing school. There is research out there for it, though it is limited b/c it is hard to find a standardized honey -- it's different depending on the area of the country and the bees, etc, etc.