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hi, i am in a last minute funk, so to speak...i am scheduled to start school at a local community college to begin studies for my adn. i have always had a great interest in nursing but lately have... Read More

  1. by   Creamsoda
    When I first went into nursing I was pretty shy, but I got over that real quick. In my opinion I think theres more job oporunities for nursing. Theres more portability with it buecause nurses are needed everywhere.

  2. by   ckh23
    Quote from Empress
    Not in my area, US pays more than nursing and you have your pick of full-time positions.
    Ditto. My wife just graduated from an US program and she is making more than I do. If you work in a hospital, it'll keep you busy and pace is fast, however if you work in a local outpatient facility it is not as stressful/busy and you never have to work holidays or weekends. As far as jobs go, there are far more nursing jobs out there than US at least in my area. But in reality whatever decision you make, you fill find a job that pays well and will give you job security whether it is US or nursing.
  3. by   tofutti
    I used to work in the diagnostic imaging department of a hospital, as an office person. The xray techs worked the hardest, followed by Special Procedures, CT, MRI and ultrasound. The US techs were the highest paid, the happiest, and least stressed of all those areas. They were definitely happier than the floor nurses.

    US pays a little more than nursing, but there are less job opportunities, and it could always be replaced by some new technology. Even so, it seems like a great field. I would have done it instead of nursing if there was a program in my area. And to echo others, you can specialize, like in cardiac ultrasound.

    This is only the point of view of a pre-nursing student, your mileage may vary!

    Oh by the way, I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger and was influenced by my mom saying "Yuck, what a horrible job, who would ever want to do that." Should have gone with my heart and ignored her. I can't wait to be a nurse!

  4. by   Yannie021
    thank you all so much for your input...
    i have, however, decided on ultrasound. it interests me more, i like the technical aspect of the work.
    as far as pay/opprotunities, from what i understand...ultrasound actually pays a bit more than nursing but isnt quite as demanded, yet positions are available.
    i am by no means, in either profession...my info only comes from statistical data and my countless hours of internet research. geographically speaking, southern california is supposed to pay more in ultrasound than in nursing...
    (please note the black wording there)

    either way, great pay or not...ultrasound is what i have decided on.
    thank youguys!!!

  5. by   vloho
    I loved US, but I did not understand Physics enough to pass the test, untill you pass the test you will probably work as on call, It is cut thoat in the sence that the whole Radiology Dept is vying for the attension of the Radiologist. on night shift you will get guys that get racked in a bar fight ,and you have to do a testicular in the deep dark recesses of the radiology dept, you have to be strong when you see somthing not good,have a poker face. I loved the work , the scaning,hated leaving my son .
  6. by   vamedic4
    Quote from TheCommuter
    There are many more nursing positions available. Additionally, ultrasound positions are difficult to come across and don't pay very well.
    This may be true in some areas, but I know that here in the Dallas area you can pick and choose your position...and your pay...as an ultrasound diagnostic tech. One of my best friends worked at Parkland for a little over a year after graduating and now contracts several of her other colleagues out to hospitals/doctor's offices in need of their services.
    As with nursing, you can specialize in whatever you choose...OB/Cardiac...whatever.

    Best of luck with whatever you choose.

  7. by   KarryRN
    I am an RN and I considered entering an US program. The program here was full time and would take a lot more time from my family than I wanted. I would look into the requirements if I were you. For the program here a medical background (RN, RT or x-ray tech, etc.) was required. Overall US seems to be a good with good pay too. Good luck.
  8. by   RDMS5000
    I hope you have taken all this "sage" advice with grains of salt. It seems you are getting biased opinions in healthcare. And so I will give you my bias with as little subjectivity as possible as a credentialed ultrasound tech.

    A. It is in very high demand, as is any radiology imaging field or nursing career now ( CT,MRI, Cath lab, OR etc.....) However right now the boom is currently in ultrasound and cath lab for radiology, or so my recruiter says.

    B. Jobs are well paying depending on your qualifications, locale, and experience < as any job in any field is > however ultrasound averages around 60k starting out and you can only go up....which each year I average about 5-10%.

    C. With ultrasound you concentrate your attention on one patient at one time with one task in mind. I am not a RN, but it seems they have a little much on their plate at one time and multi task more.

    D. Ultrasound is VERY analytical and abstract. You have to be confident and able to think outside the box in tense and difficult situations, BUT to me that is the reward. Solving the puzzle and helping someone out by providing the answers.

    E. Ultrasound is not for fun. Basically I tell people that if they like the art pictures where you stare at them to try to figure out what 3-d image you see, then you possibly have an edge on ultrasound pictures. Which are about 30-60 and exam.

    F. Ultrasound can be very specialized and with that money can change. You can specialize in vascular ultrasound and use and entirely different machine, you can scan babies all day, you can scan hearts all day, or you could do a little bit of everything, you might take call with weekends or scan in the middle of the night, but with that comes compensation....And I would think the same of nursing..

    LOOK I could make every case for or against ultrasound or nursing. Me ? I suggest ultrasound WHY? I don't know any unhappy ultrasound techs ...
    Don't ask about nurses...I think we all know they can be overwhelmed...., but that's just it ....what do YOU want to do.????

    I suggest you go to an ultrasound school director tell them your concerns and questions , ask to watch or try ultrasound ...see if you can volunteer in a hospital in the radiology department...Whatever you decide make the best educated and informed decision you possibly can .... and good luck in the future....
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from RDMS5000
    It seems you are getting biased opinions in healthcare.
    Of course the opinions on this site are going to be biased. After all, the vast majority of people who post here are either nurses or nursing students.
  10. by   mingez
    At the risk of over simplifying the choices...

    Here are the Salary.com averages. Not 100% accuarate, but it seems to echo what many are saying:

    Ultrasound Salary

    Nursing Salary

    As for Job Outlook, here is what the BLS says:

    Job opportunities for RNs in all specialties are expected to be excellent. Employment of registered nurses is expected to grow much faster than average for all occupations through 2014, and, because the occupation is very large, many new jobs will result. In fact, registered nurses are projected to create the second largest number of new jobs among all occupations. Thousands of job openings also will result from the need to replace experienced nurses who leave the occupation, especially as the median age of the registered nurse population continues to rise.

    Employment of diagnostic medical sonographers is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2014 as the population grows and ages, increasing the demand for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic technology. In addition to job openings from growth, some job openings will arise from the need to replace sonographers who leave the occupation permanently.
  11. by   a_clay
    I was wondering if this thread is still alive. I am currently in 1st semester of an ADN RN program and am seriously considering dropping my program since I am feeling that nursing might not be for me. I would like to stay in the medical field and am looking into ultrasound since my school also offers that and I feel that would be a better fit for me. Any info. would be appreciated. I am also wondering if ultrasound school is as difficult as nursing school.
  12. by   jjjoy
    If you decide that nursing isn't for you, maybe you want to take a step back and get a job in a hospital or health facility to see what direction you'd like to head - as opposed to jumping into another program. Since you've already started a nursing program, you may have enough skills to be a CNA or unit secretary or the like. Another suggestion is to hold out another semester and see if it improves. Whatever you end up doing, the skills, the interpersonal relations, the rigors of nursing school will benefit you.
  13. by   dnw826
    Quote from TheCommuter
    There are many more nursing positions available. Additionally, ultrasound positions are difficult to come across and don't pay very well.
    It depends on the area, I suppose. I always see ads for ultrasound techs. They get paid *very* well, too. Much higher than starting salary for RNs at my last hospital. I know several who were nurses and then got certified in US to make more money and have more flexible hours. Not to mention that many fields of US (except if you are on call for ER, of course) are much slower paced and laid back.