ultrascope question

  1. hi, i was just wondering if anyone else has an ultrascope stethescope? i bought one a couple months ago and i love it, but i was wondering if anyone knew if/where i could just get new diaphragm without buying a whole new scope? thanks, amanda
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  3. by   shygirl
    Hi Amanda,

    I have an ultrascope too. You could try calling the company with your question. The number is 1-800-671-2673. Good lucl!
  4. by   nurseleigh
    I'm sorry that I cannot answer your question, but I want to buy an Ultrascope when I graduate(in December )Since I am wanting one, I have to wonder why you need another diaphragm. Are you just wanting a new design or is there a problem with the one you have?

    There is also a website that you can ask question at. Ultrascope

    I'm glad you love yours and hope I will too.

  5. by   AmAnRN
    I was just wanting a new design. i checked the website and i have emailed the company but they weren't very clear. thanks!
  6. by   SandyB
    Anyone else like cardiocare? I got my first one and tried to hear my hubbys heart thru a denim jacket and I could hear it!
    And it isn't expensive either. Here is the site: http://www.thomasmedical.com/cardiocarestethoscope.htm