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ok...i'm not crazy...i swear it :devil: I plan on starting my pre-reqs in the fall to start the long road towards my ADN I eventually plan to end up as a WHNP/CNM but...there is this... Read More

  1. by   NeedchangeofPace poor kids!
    I am planning on taking my pre-requisites this fall, towards a LPN program, then bridge to RN.
    If all goes well I will have my LPN lic.when I am 57 and my RN when I 58 or 59......the downside is I will be 103 when I finally pay off my student loans the good news is I will be doing assesments with my walker as my new portable desk....when those little voices come around I just turn down the volume......

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  2. by   hyalophora09
    Does your head feel like it's going to pop?Mine does!I'm 41yrs. old ,used to work constuction,know next to nothing about the computer, and have not been to school since I was 15 years old!I feel like I have a mountain of obstacles in front of me .I start Pre-Nursing in the fall.Tell that little voice to ****-OFF!,it's something you'll always regret if you don't try and life already has enough of those!Good luck
  3. by   LoveActually
    google "thought stopping." And go for it. Get over the fact that other people are established in their careers. So that means, because you didn't get established 10 years ago, that you NEVER should? Focus on YOU & go to school. That voice will go away when you start to doing something productive.
  4. by   oramar
    You know a lot of people have had last minute doubts and have expressed them here. I am sure you will receive reassurance from some of them.
  5. by   nolimitam
    I love hearing all of these perspectives. I am 36 and getting ready to start an accelerated BSN program for my second degree June 1st. I think that you are never too old to learn or pursue your dreams. I think that it is wonderful that there was a 63 year old nursing student. Kudos to her or him. Retirement these days is being pushed further and further away. I have a good 30 years of working to do and so I am going to pursue something that I want to do that will provide as much stability as can be expected these days and a good income. I can say that I wish I would have pursued this when I was a little younger, but really I think that it has been in God's timing. If I were younger I might not have had the drive that I do now, especially since I have kids now who are motivating factors for my success.
  6. by   April, RN
    My nursing class was mostly made up of non-traditional students. There were a few of us in our 20s and a few in their 40s, but the majority of the class was in their 30s. It seems pretty common for people to start nursing school in their 30s whether it's because they decided to change careers, have a family first, weren't ready for college right after high school... You aren't alone!