tuition reimbursement

  1. I am currently working at a Magnet hospital in the Chicago area and am wondering what kind of tuition reimbursement area hospitals are offering. Ours is $4000 a year for full time employees and $2000 for part time employees. This barely covers one graduate level class!! Our hospital is pretty good at keeping up with competetors so if I can show them they are 'behind' in their reimbursement, the amount could change.
    Thank You!
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  3. by   KatieBell
    NY Presby/columbia offers about 10,000 per year reimbursement, I do not know the strings attached.

    Lennox- also in NYC has a very big reimbursement program, almost the entire tuition, but you have to be persuing a degree that will assist in your current job...
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I work in Peoria and our tuition reimbursement is $3500/year, we have a College of Nursing at our hospital that is free to attend (they offer RN to BSN and BSN to MSN) and then for the staff nurses, there is also a student loan repayment. This is a pretty good deal. Would you consider downstate?
  5. by   Jessy_RN
    I have heard of some hospitals here having loan forgiveness. Not sure what the strings are either.
  6. by   USA987
    I work in Lake County IL and we get a whopping $3000/yr for FT and $1500/yr for part-time. And you must commit to working for them a full year after receiving the money.