tube feeding dye? - page 2

just recently this topic came up during a chat.... i see dye in tube feedings once in a blue moon at my hospital. do you guys use dye? does anyone know of a nursing article on this subject? i... Read More

  1. by   Vsummer1
    I was surprised to see this old thread again! Now that I am actually working with tube fed patients on a regular basis, I can say I have NEVER seen dye used at my facility.
  2. by   Little One2
    I have never worked with dyes in feeding tubes. Probably a good idea if the patient is at risk for aspirating.
  3. by   JVanRN
    I've only used it when specifically ordered to check for aspiration (blue or green) but never just routinely
  4. by   stbernardclub
    I have only seen it used when pt is at high risk for aspiration with tube feedings.
  5. by   jmc
    When I worked the floor we used blue food coloring all the time to assess for aspiration, but since that policy has been removed due to complained harm to patient. I THINK IT IS A GREAT IDEA.
  6. by   nursemaa
    We have also eliminated the use of dye due to the previously posted report of potential danger to patients.