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Why is it that there is always that one person who feels it is necessary to spread rumors and talk about everyone? I cannot stand it when people gossip. It drives me absolutely crazy when I hear... Read More

  1. by   Diahni
    Quote from SueBee RN-BSN
    Interesting, it was best to leave. I believe you were dealing with a sociopath, a very dangerous person.
    Kinda scary to think this person is a nurse! Maybe your marriage is a source of envy for this person. And to think he "lets" you travel by yourself! I say she's seething with envy, and who knows, likes your husband too. Thank God you switched jobs!
  2. by   Weeping Willow
    Quote from onechattynurse
    sometimes these things can go too far. i was working at a facility with a group of staff that were notorious for gossiping and causing problem for those that were outside their clan.

    i once went to a convention and while i was gone someone decided to call my husband and tell him that the reason i went was to cover up the fact that i was having an affair. (i absolutely was not) he then started getting emails graphically detailing my supposed infidelity.

    there was one employee that had my husbands email address (because i gave it to her so she could forward on a joke to him) but she was the only one. this actually went on for a few weeks and worsened in intensity.

    the joke was on them as my husband and i have a very strong relationship and this incident only made it stronger. my point is though, this type of behavior can escalate into much bigger problems than "just gossiping" if left unnoticed.

    i ended up getting a great job offer and left this job abruptly as i just could not take any more. i really don't think that was the best solution for the actual problems, but it kept me sane. i am quite sure after i left they targeted someone else and the problem continued.

    good luck with your co-workers and just remember things can get out of hand if allowed to.
    i hope you sued her for slander. or is it libel? either way, do it.
  3. by   Diahni
    Quote from Weeping Willow
    I hope you sued her for slander. Or is it libel? Either way, do it.
    WeepingWillow: What a tale! It reminds me of the mischief that idle and evil minds can get into with the internet. A small population of people have always done this kind of thing - but the internet makes it oh so much easier - did you hear of the young girl who committed suicide after being stalked by the parent of a girl she was feuding with? I can understand wanting to pursue a legal battle with somebody who did this to you, but just as easily understand why you'd want to just high tail it out of there as soon as you could. Did you have an incident that prompted her to do this, or is she just pure evil? I worked with a girl that loved to say insulting things to me - in a clinical lab I said I thought it was hot, so she said maybe you're just having a hot flash. Not that bad, just ugly and gratuitous. Why are some people like this? My only answer is, "Because they are." Thank God you have a good marriage. Can you imagine what would have happened to a woman whose husband was extremely jealous? Would this nutjob be responsible if something happened to a jealous guy's wife?
  4. by   lil' girl
    Just smile sweetly and when she gets to a stopping point ask her if she is finished then walk away. She will get the message and you don't have to put yourself at risk. True this may not stop her, but YOU will get YOUR point across to her.:wink2: