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I will be starting a new job in about a month. I'll be working 12 hour shifts 7pm to 7am. I now work 11pm to 7am. Is it difficult to switch from 8 to 12 hour shifts? I will also be working in a... Read More

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    Originally posted by purplemania
    I have worked 6p-6a several years. DO NOT attempt to plan anything else on the days you work. I have seen co-workers try to act like stay-at-home Moms, taking kids to school, picking them up, taking them to swim lessons, etc. and getting only 4-5 hrs sleep. That is a nap, not sleep. They eventually get ill or burned out. Turn off phone when you sleep and get room dark. White noise like a box fan helps. Train your friends and family not to expect you to be available on sleep days. They don't expect it from people working 9-5 jobs and can learn to respect your time too.

    I know exactly what you mean!

    I was working Med/Surg 3-12 hours (7P-7A) thinking this would help, wrong. It helped in the sense that I was off in time to take my children to school and pick them up and run errands and plus I took 12 hours, 3 classes in the day and 1 class at night (this pass Srping semester), but I was not getting my rest. When I did go to sleep, I overselpt.

    It is good in turns of having 4 days off, but for me, I was a zombie and look 10 years older when I looked in the mirrow.

    I just want the 2-12 hours on weekends for right now.

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    If you want to do L and D in the area I work you don't have much choice but to work 12' (unless you are in an oncall position)...i just do it one or two nights a week to stay sane and healthy. Also, just took an ONCALL position where I work when I want to......and it is not a set shift. Hopefully, it will work out. I prefer to work as-needed during busy times, not commit to a set schedule.
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    I went over to working 12 hr shifts on NICU 3 years ago now and love them. wouldn't go back to anything else, if you have to wreck a day by going to work might as well wreck the whole lot then enjoy 4 days off. I get most benifit from 12 hr days as I finish earlier (8pm rather than 21.45) and this makes an amazing difference if working the next day, and I enjoy the continuity.

    12hr Nights I do find harder its not the being there for 12 hrs its just the slog, you have no social life you cannot plan anything while on duty and at times hardly feel human, but the unit I work on is flexable and do 6 on 8 off and on a bad night its that which keeps me going.

    We were lucky and were given the choice as to whether or not to do these longer shifts alot of girls with young families found them impractical for child care reasons. infact we now have a mixture of shift types conventional (0730-1530, 1215-2145, 2115-0745) 12 hr (0730-2000, 1730-2000) and some part-time twilight shifts(1800-2145)this does cause probs when organizing off duty but we talk and juggle. Sometimes we end up working untill 2145 but that is pre arranged most of the time anyway.

    hope you enjoy your new job
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    I have done 12's at night and love it.....when the charge nurse I follow is also doing a 12- sure makes it better. Sure do love those days off.

    There was a hospital I did agency work at, they wanted you to do 7 on and 7 off, it was 12 hour shifts though....hated that!
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    I just accepted a job that was a 12 hour shift. It's from 7pm to 7 am. I usually work 11pm to 7am. So I don't think there's a difference. The great thing is that I will only have to work one weekend shift a month and only three shifts per week. I couldn't ask for a better job.
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    I work 12 hour shifts and if we have to "HELP" fill in we go to 6 hours and split a shift it is great. It would be hard for me to go back to 8 hour shifts. Since most of the time you don't get out on time with 8's but 12's I am usually out on time or early. I really enjoy my 4 days a week off. PS don't answer your phone or get caller id.
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    Yes, I have found that I get of early on a 12 hour shift, but nearly always stayed back on an 8 hour shift.
    Just love the 12 hour shift.
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    hi there
    i do 2 12's and 2 8's...mostly nights but they switch me around. oh yeah baby we swing where i

    i have also done the 5 8 hr week. no thanks.
    the 12's are difficult...especially at first. your feet will hurt like he11. but you get used to it rather quickly. the 8 hour shifts fly by...they seem more like half days and the 12's seem like 8's. its funny to hear us say...i only have 8 its a treat.
    the worst part of working 7p to 7a is the 7p to 11 part. its busy...visitors keep you going, we do our meds at 9 and have i's and o's at 11. the nice part is that once you have your pts settled in for the night you can catch up on everything.
    i dont like any more than 2 12's. ...3 of them take me too long to recuperate. and like eveyone NEED time to REALLY cant do ANYTHING else but work.
    when i found out i had to do 12's i was a little apprehensive but its SOOO much better having that extra day off.
    you'll like it.
    havent really worked LTC so i cant help you out on that one.