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hi! our oldest daughter will turn 18 in about 2 weeks and she has told us she is probably getting her tongue pierced!! UUGGHH! does any one have any info RE: care after the procedure and does any... Read More

  1. by   Michelle_nurse
    I think the frozen hotdog was probably what he used to freeze the area, maybe they had no ice cubes in the house!!!
  2. by   NurseDennie
    I don't like pain. Ewwwww

    When I go to sleep, I sometimes bite my tongue when I have that myyclonal twitch or whatever. It HURTS for at least a couple of days. I always hurt it when I'm trying to talk or eat something.

    I have a friend who has a pierced nipple. Owwie


  3. by   kellisdomain
    i personally have had my tongue pierced. i let it close up myself though. got tired of biting down on it when i talked or ate. my belly ring is doing great though however. i have had it for 4 years.
  4. by   RNatlast
    thanks to everyone who replied to my post! i'm going to have my daughter read them all,if i can!
  5. by   Cubby
    Michelle was right, he used the hotdog to numb the area,yes we did have icecubes. Don't you suspect ETOH was involved? I did, and I was right! Just because I tried to be a responsible parent, doesn't mean he was a responsible kid! He is in the service now, so hopefully he has or will outgrow the irresponsiblity of youth!
  6. by   BrandyBSN
    Tooth damage is pretty common, mostly from chipped teeth, or biting the bar while eating. Also, if it becomes the slightest bit infected, no amount of mouthwash can hide the terrible breath caused by them!! The holes do seal quite quickly (12 hours for the initial layers to be sealed, up to 3 months for total tissue regeneration).

    I had my navel pierced (only because my mother didnt want me to and through a bit of a fit). I probably wouldnt have done it if she hadnt flipped, but i took it out a week later because it kept getting caught on my sweaters (YOOOUUUCH!!!).

    Try to show her encouragement. Tell her how "cool" it would look, and how chipped teeth are attractive. If she thinks you approve, she may not go through with it