Today's ADN/ASN education...WOW

  1. My Son lives in a neighboring state and is taking his last semester of pre-reqs before entering the ADN/ASN RN program there.

    He called this a.m. to share with me what he's been doing. (My Eyes bugging) He's worked in the ER several times. He's ridden with the Ambulance several times. He's also scheduled for a few day with the Fire Department later in the semester.

    Excitedly he tells me about the Combi-tubes, the crashes and codes, the ETOH and other drug overdoses, the fresh strokes, the assaults.....

    He continues to say that on one of his shifts in the ER he had a primary Nurse that questioned him every step of the way and he LOVED it!! The school even suggested that if he wanted to get even more experience he could go into a larger ED and volunteer with their blessing.

    Now, I graduated seven yrs. ago in a rural plains state and this wasn't a part of our training. As a matter-of-fact, it wasn't until I began working as an RN that I've encountered these situations; and some not at all.

    Has Nursing Education changed that much?

    I'm impressed!
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Used to be that summer externships were done only by BSN programs. ADN schools are doing that now too. We had an excellent experience a couple of years back with one student and ended up hiring her right out of school.
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    We have several off-site clinical days scheduled throughout our education. So far, I have done or heard about:
    Done-Parish volunteer clinic B/P screenings (spanish and english masses)
    Surgery rotation, observation only
    Ortho/Ped clincal rotation, observation of dr.
    Going to do cardiac cath lab rotation.
    Heard- Home health care, Physican office, ER, Wound care, Social service....
    More to come!!
  5. by   Tweety
    Gee, those are just the pre-reqs.

    We did med-surg, peds, pysch, and ob. primarily. Two days in the OR, and two days in ICU. We all had special obs we went to during our preceptorship I did bone marrow transplant and ER.