To Zee and all other nurses in the greater Pittsburgh area

  1. My blood is boiling, I am seeing red. Did you see that snotty comment under BIZ BITES in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. It is in response to the results of the PASNAP survey to which I posted a link and is also featured under nursing news. Mind you this comment is posted under Business News and is an editorial comment not a letter to the editor. QUOTE "Not to cast aspersions or to undermine the disgruntled nurses' sincerity, but IT'S A JOB AND YOUR'RE PAID TO DO IT. If you don't like it , do something else." Does this idiot(his name is Steve Massey) not know that is exactly what is happening and that is the problem. Just wait till he is in a diverted ambulance or has to sit in ER for 10 hours waiting to be seen. Will he patiently take a number and wait his turn saying to himself, "well all the nurses have left the profession because that is what I told them to do"? I am going to take this in to the CEO of my little hospital tomorrow. It is not just up to us nurses to respond to this. Management has to jump in and ask this guy to shut up because they got a big problem here and he is not helping.
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    OMG! What an idiot! He missed the point completely!!! That's EXACTLY what the problem IS!!!! Nurses are LEAVING it...and no one is taking their place!!! Okies, let's all write him....gonna find the address....
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    clicked on link, scrolled to bottom of article, clicked on Contact Us, then selected business from list they offered
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    Wow, oramar, this guy is unbelievable. Thanks for posting and all nurses should hear from him! I will write right away .
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    Thanks for the advice Steve Massey! I actually followed your advice and quit the nursing profession a mere two years after I obtained my degree. I had to quit to keep from going crazy. You see, I couldn't do it all! And as a new nurse, up to seventeen patients on the 3-11:30 shift just scared the heck out of me. Not only was I afraid of losing my hard earned nursing license, I was afraid of losing a patient! Steve, keep handing out advice like you did to the more than half of the Pennsylvania nurses that say they will leave the profession within a few years, and you will see alot more nurses leave the nursing profession to seek better pay, better shifts, more time with their family, more respect and much less stress. Do us all a favor and keep telling us to leave. Because , believe it or not, most nurses love their chosen profession and are trying to hang in there and make it better. They are trying to hang in there under dreadful conditions to deliver patient care and improve outcomes. They are exhausted and tired of being mandated to stay extra shifts while their children are at home, sometimes unattended and growing up without their parents. They make more medication errors which could threaten the patient's very life: something against the very core and heart of the nurse.
    I went on to say (I messed up the cut and paste) that he could hire me and other nurses who left as independent contractors to go into the hospital and nurse him or his loved ones) as long as I didnt have to work evenings or nights or weekends, I needed breaks and a lunch , and aid to help me lift and turn, etc.

    I encourage all nurses to give Steve Massey an onslaught!
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    Talk about clueless! (And btw, wasn't it *business* that got us into this health care mess in the first place??) Is it perhaps time for the PG to think about doing an in depth piece about nursing, much like the one referenced on a separate thread from the Detroit News? I don't really think people get it.
    In every letter we write to this guy-*and* to the editors, we should suggest such a series, and suggest that rather than relying on the business editor, they should seek out the advice of people more knowledgable about nursing.
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    my letter to mr massey

    Dear Mr. Massey,
    Perhaps you weren't actually thinking about what you were saying when you said that nurses
    get paid to do their jobs and if they don't like it they should quit. Maybe you had a few drinks
    for lunch or something that day. Whatever the reason, you missed the whole point of the survey.
    Perhaps you should reserve your Rush Limbaugh-like comments for a topic you know something
    about. Otherwise you will continue to put your foot in your mouth.
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    Yesterday I was all fired up about this article. Today I feel depessed and listless. You can tell how strong the emotion was that I experienced by the degree of apathy I feel the next day. I think it is almost like a seziure. I think I am post icktal. Is that how you spell it?
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    Post-ictal. But yeah, I know what you mean. I'm still post-ictal over my reaction to my kids' school cafeteria lady taking their lunch trays outta their hands and making them sit in the cafeteria without eating when they owed $4. Wrote massive letters and pounded counters and now can't even respond...

    Massey is an idiot. I hope he has to wait in the E.R. for DAYS because there are no staffed beds for him when he has chest pain or SBO or kidney stone--yeah! kidney stone! That's what he needs! (Sorry, ER nurses, to inflict him on you--nothing personal--but if you get him, go skimpy on the demerol, OK?).
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    I to sent a billet doux*-NOT- to Mr Massey. WHAT AN ASS! And here I thought that only Hospital CEOs fit that description.

    Sorry I didn't save my comments.....grrrrrrrrrrr

    *billet-doux \bil-ay-DOO\, noun;
    plural billets-doux \bil-ay-DOO(Z)\: A love letter or note. ...
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    someone wanted to see this link
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    someone wants to see this link