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Dear Preceptor, This past spring 2010 semester, I was assigned to you for a whole semester to learn the ins and outs of being a nurse independent from my classmates. It was just you and I. I was... Read More

  1. by   nurse.sandi
    My preceptor went to work out at the gym, took long lunches, went to church on Sunday mornings. Unlike me..I barely ate, got no exercise, and slept thru Sunday mornings.
    These type of preceptors are a disgrace. I ended up working on the same unit, too.
    Then one day I was called to the human resource department and asked to tell them my experience. It seemed my preceptor had changed hospitals, but wanted to come back.
    Well, it was either tell the truth, like it was, or lie. Hmmm..What should I have done?
    You got it. I told the truth!! Several weeks later say my preceptor on the street. I was like hmmmm....what should I do?
    I held my tired head high and kept on walking.

    To the OP. Great story.
    You must have had the same preceptor that I had! If not then they must be related!
  3. by   azhiker96
    Over the past year I've precepted four graduating nursing students. It is unpaid and it is a lot of work. I also consider it a privilege as I have the opportunity to train nurses who I may be working with in the future. It's a time to share my philosophy of care, demonstrate good work habits, and pass on helpful tips from calculating meds to symptom management. We have 84 hours to meet the school's requirement but in that time my students have become proficient enough to be able to manage a non-complicated post op patient in the PACU. I've been lucky enough to have students who want to learn and not just put in their time.

    All preceptors should read the ANA code of ethics. As nurses we have a duty to advance the profession and one way we can do that is by helping the next generation of nurses. It is a lot of work but someday I may be a patient and I hope my nurses had a good start in the profession.
  4. by   bsveillon
    Quote from wooh
    True, but I give someone more leeway if they are being forced to do it rather than volunteering for it. I shouldn't be allowed to perform heart surgery. Now if I volunteered to do it, and killed the patient (as I most certainly would do,) then blame me. If someone holds a gun to me and says I have to do the heart surgery, when I kill the patient, it's the fault of the person holding the gun to my head.

    No such incentives at my job.
    However, she is not only unfit to be a preceptor, but unfit to be a nurse. I wouldn't even afford her to be a CNA. In fact, maybe not even hospital security. In fact not I wouldn't afford her to . . . . . . . .

    (yes, it really does go on and on. She needs a job in retail, that fits her personality much better!)
  5. by   dragonfly55
    excellent article from the experience of a student
    so sorry you had that trying, frustrating time in your pregrad, your preceptor unfortunately was a poor example of what a truly caring professional should be..
    good luck with your career
  6. by   crystalgirl
    I am so sorry that you had to go through that, I've learned over time that those that speak down to or about others have serious self confidence issuses and try to put the focus on others to cover up their own short sound like you are going to be a wonderful nurse
  7. by   sara566
    I found your article to be really interesting. I'm sorry you had a bad experience w/ ur preceptor. I am a nursing student myself and I hope I get a nurse who is as interested to teach me as I am to learn.
  8. by   iMACRN2FNP
    this is a well-written letter. did you give it to her and a copy to her director? just curious. i think you should. really sad how some nurses eat their young and are very insensitive of their patients' status ..... shame on them
  9. by   whichone'spink
    What's worse, a lazy preceptor, or a preceptor who says you did great and then goes to her manager, saying I was unsafe in my practice. Lies, all lies. How do I defend myself against her lies? This will kill my career before it even begins. I'm now left with missing body parts from being eaten, as well as nothing extra to put on my resume. Thankfully, this practicum was just an elective. Otherwise, I would be more screwed.
  10. by   DTWriter
    I hope that the other nurses who witnessed the preceptor behaving unprofessional but did nothing to stop the preceptor were scolded as well. Doing nothing to stop evil is worse than doing evil.