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Do you realize how precious you all are to each other? We can exchange ideas, thoughts and suggestions. But what gets to me the most is when some one of you steps out of the role and says... Read More

  1. by   jayna
    ...geez....i missed lots of things here, haven't been on this site for 2 days....
    as for me a totally foreigner in this country, this website(BB) helps to me to share jokes, humor, say funny things.....before i was a bad apple but now i replant the new seedling. talking to you all.....cheers with few beers...ta

  2. by   Slowone
    I found this board initially to get some advice regarding my medically fragile child. He was very ill for a long time and continues to be, now doc's are a bit stumped....So I went those that I know would know the answer...NURSES!!!!!!!
    Since coming to my collegues for help, I have never left this board.
    Since the birth of my youngest son I have not worked a single day, it has been a year now, I feel like i am getting "dumber" by the day. You ladies and gentlemen have given me the inspiration to wait it out, to go back to school as planned and be the best nurse I can be!!(when the time is right)
    I thought my nursing career was over when he was born, but I know I will continue and who knows maybe end up in pediatrics (thank you nurse4kids and dplear!)
    This site had kept my hope alive ( geez that sounds cheesy!)
    I know that I am doing what I truly want to husband thinks it is just cuz I don't mind seeing other peoples "stuff"
    Who knows?, but thank you to you all for getting me through this time in my life and helping me to continue after this phase is "stable"! may not have actually been there for the death of this pt, but feel comfort in the fact that you had just turned him...he was comfortable, clean and he had the hands of a caring nurse tending to him. You were a blessing to that special life, feel blessd yourself.
  3. by   micro