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I am graduating in May and already have a position in a PCU with a large teaching hospital in my area. I am hired for night shift and am anticipating some uncomfortable situations with angry tired... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from thomask
    i am graduating in may and already have a position in a pcu with a large teaching hospital in my area. i am hired for night shift and am anticipating some uncomfortable situations with angry tired doctors. i tend to avoid confrontation, and am afraid i will be so shocked i won't be able to say anything to them. i was hoping some experienced nurses could share some tips or one liners to diffuse a tense situation and get what you want from a doctors without engaging in a screaming match. any other tips on dealing with doctors in general is appreciated. out of all the new things i am going to learn and all the scary things that can happen, dealing with doctors is what i am most terrified of! thanks!!!!!
    gee, you haven't even graduated yet and you're worried about dealling with "mean" doctors? i'm wondering what makes you so convinced that the doctors are going to be mean, angry and confrontational. and why would you even consider engaging in a screaming match with anyone at work?

    most doctors, especially those in teaching hospitals are pleasant and easy to work with. they're people. deal with them in a friendly, pleasant manner and i'm sure you'll get the same back from most. on the other hand, if you go into an interaction expecting them to be mean, angry or confrontation, that's probably what you're going to get.

    if you're always or often getting a negative interaction with someone -- be it physician, experienced nurse, family member, or whoever, take a minute to think about what you may have said or done to precipitate or escalate the situation and about how you might improve things next time. if you're always getting negative reactions, it probably isn't that everyone around you is mean -- it could be that you're eliciting the reactions you're getting.

    you'll get exactly as much bullsh** as you'll tolerate, so don't tolerate any. expect people to be pleasant and polite and they probably will be.

    good luck
  2. by   hogan4736
    thanks for the kind words mccmaeve...

    truthfully, it's a skill that's (for me) learned in the ED...Having an open dialogue w/ the physicians, I learned to go to them w/ clear, quick, succinct information about my patient, with the goal of getting what I want for my patient...when I went to work in the SNF, I used those same direct, prepared skills when dealing w/ the docs (and NPs) on the telephone...Always got what the pt needed, which was my goal...confidence and preparedness are the key elements
  3. by   elizabeth321
    Why is it that we feel the need to tolerate or try to figure out how to deal with mean doctors.............ZERO get what you put up with! Don't tolerate any abuse of any kind.

  4. by   thomask
    The reason Im am worried about it already is that throughout nursing school I have heard stories about mean doctors. I dont believe all doctors are mean, I just want to be more than prepared for the first time it happens, and it seems that no matter where you work, it will happen from time to time. I want to learn the best and most effective ways to deal with them. The don't teach it in nursing school.