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Okay, it's HIPAA, not HIPPA. And, it's JCAHO, not JACHO. And, another one that's been getting to me lately: it's spelled "definitely", not "definately". Thanks for listenting. Okay. Much... Read More

  1. by   nurseklw72
    Here's one that makes me crazy. The little old ladies who come into the hospital and say they need to go to "radio-ology for a mammeogram" .
  2. by   medsurgnurse
    Quote from maikranz
    Ok, this isn't spelling or grammar related: What makes me crazy is people talking about getting their RN "degree" :smackingf HELLO - RN is what you get to use after you pass boards.
    Ok someone finally hit on the one that drives me insane. "I'm gonna get my RN." "get my RN" "get my RN" I want to run screaming from the room. This bothers me so much because this person speaking is enrolled, preparing to enroll, or applying to an institution of higher learning. Yet does not have command of the English language.
    "Prolly" brings to mind a particular post froma CNA who ranted and raved about CNAs knowing just as much as RNs, and her post was sprinkled with a generous portion of 'prollys'. I was hard to give weight to the arguement with that and severe lack of english skills.
    My typing or 'chicken pecking' is terrible so I know my posts are not free from errors.
  3. by   TazziRN
    My former MIL, bless her sweet heart, had trouble with pronunciation too. She said "mammeogram" and also lost her baby house to "endodemiosis."

    Cirql8, my ex, damm his black heart, used to say "mute" all the time.....drove me bonkers!
  4. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from JaneyW
    Thanks for making me feel better, guys! I just had a post pulled today for pointing out a their/there thing. I didn't make a personal attack, but that kind of thing just wears on me. I'm glad to see I am not alone. I will continue to suffer alongside you in silence.
    Know what drives me spare??

    An apostrophe-"s" used AS A PLURAL. Folks, it is a POSSESSIVE.

    "That coat is Jen's." - CORRECT

    "The dog's toy is there." - CORRECT

    "We bought eight toy's." - NOT CORRECT. To speak of multiple TOYS - or multiple ANYTHING, for that matter - you do NOT USE AN APOSTROPHE-"S".

    Drives me NUT'S.
  5. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from CIRQL8
    My pet peeve..

    "I could care less"
    it's "I COULDN'T care less!!!"

    If you COULD care less, that means that you DO care!!

    Let me axe you this... (just kidding...)
    That really doesn't bother me; it's so ingrained in the vernacular that getting it out will never happen. That's almost splitting hairs, especially where I live.

    If you want to get technical, to say, "I was so mad," is equally incorrect. The correct term is actually "angry". I had a semantics/English language professor point that out to me years ago.

    And to be quite frank, I could care less, but I choose not to.
  6. by   TazziRN
    Quote from medsurgnurse
    "Prolly" brings to mind a particular post froma CNA who ranted and raved about CNAs knowing just as much as RNs, and her post was sprinkled with a generous portion of 'prollys'. I was hard to give weight to the arguement with that and severe lack of english skills.
    "Prolly" is not a grammar issue, it's internet shorthand according to my daughter.
  7. by   jodi_cmsrn
    Okay, have a couple of these myself. One co-worker always includes a patients stat (instead of sat) when discussing their oxygen use, and another one always includes that a patient is alert and orientated.
  8. by   TazziRN
    Nauseated is another one!
  9. by   vloho
    I think there is too much slang when nurses say marz instead of using the initials, but everyone still calls a UTI irritating.
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    This is a great thread . . . I'd better not get started. . . .

  11. by   moongirl
    my gramma called her dresser a "Chester Drawers" I think she was referring to chest of drawers- c,mon she is 94, cut her some slack

    my ex bil calles gnats " naggits"- dunno guess they are a cross between gnats and maggots. He is also the one who calls an umbrella an "underbrella"- no slack needed for him, he is just pretty much a dumb nut:chuckle
  12. by   moongirl
    oh and i forgot his other one " scream door"
    I am not jokin' folks!
  13. by   jansailsea
    I can be a "spelling police person" too.
    I make typos frequently: I can say what I'm thinking faster than my ability to type it; my distal fingers don't strike the keys as hard or well as thumbs & forefingers can.
    Usually, I am the person my coworkers will ask to spell a procedure or descriptive term.
    I don't always get it right if I haven't read the word at least once.
    Particularly if it's not being pronounced correctly, & I'm unfamiliar with it.
    I can then only try to spell it phonetically at best.
    Unfortunately, writing skills have gone by the way side in American culture.
    Friends & family love to receive letters from me but don't reciprocate, & want me to write their papers/reports for them on a regular basis.
    I've written Inservice documents, don't get credit for it other than, "Thanks, this looks good", & have learned not to say yes anymore.
    It takes time & skill to research & write documents that can stand up to the scrutiny of hospital bureaucracy, thank you very much!
    Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice shame on me!