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  1. by   wannanbnurse
    Oh I'm not yelling, this is just the way i like to type with all caps on.........I forgot to mention that they work weekends only and get paid for 40 hrs....think that makes a difference?
  2. by   Cynthiann
    Don't take any offense to what everyone has said here. Everyone are in agreement that this board is a place for everyone to vent about their jobs. It's a stressful job and since the most of us are women, it relieves a lot of stress to be able to let out our feelings. I'm not a nurse yet but it's what I see.

    Like someone else mentioned, the great thing about nursing is that there are so many different fields to work in. You may be miserable doing one thing but another my be your dream job.

    Good luck, let us know how the LPN classes are going.
  3. by   preciousnurse
    Nursing is true hard work so if you are questioning yourself you better think twice about it. Now is the time to do that. do not wait until you are older and have no other career options. I have had the same issue latley, but you must realize that every profession has its share of good and bad points. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. b
  4. by   jmel
    I am also a new nursing student and I am concerned with the health problems of nurses! Do any of you experienced nurses out there suffer health wise that would make you quit the job? What about advanced nursing degrees NNP, Np, Nurse Anesthetists? Are their working conditions better healthwise, stress, respect, pay, etc.?
  5. by   txsugarlvn
    wannabnurse...alot of it has to do with the area of the country you work in and the area of nursing you choose. Fortunately, as another posted wrote, nursing gives you the option to move into different areas so you can try them out to find the one you like. I personally love geriatrics (I've tried ob/gyn in an office, med/surg, and dialysis). But, to each his/her own. Other nurses on here love ER or OR or ICU. It's all up to you.
    You'll have your bad days and good days but you know what? there are tons of jobs out there in different places from home care to facilities to research etc. The world is wide open! If you truly want to go into nursing, I say go for it! I wish you the best of luck for school.
    jmel...I stopped to think about your question and realized the funniest thing. I was sick less time when I worked full time as a nurse (hands-on) as I do now working in an office as a health insurance claims auditor. Odd isn't it? I was healthier then than now. I guess I was just too busy to get sick and now I have too much free time. LOL... Other than the odd cold (which was barely once a year) I didn't have any problems. HAND WASHING!! The one thing that did bother me was aching legs and feet. Not all days but some days, goodness, I just went home and put my feet and sighed. My husband is a doll and would massage them but I strongly suggest investing in some good shoes and a massaging foot whirpool to have at home for those "on your feet all day" kind of days.
    Each category of nursing that you listed has it's own complaints with money, respect, hours, stress, etc. I'm sure each one could give you a list of pros and cons for their chosen field. As an LVN, sure I wish I got more respect. People see RN's as "real nurse" and LVN's as gloried CNA's but don't let that get you down. Prove yourself and your skills and believe me, you'll get the respect you deserve. I wish you the best of luck in school also!
  6. by   chrisrob
    Feel I need to say something here. Yeh we moan and ***** but we still go back every day its a hard job, not just physically but mentally, we moan about our workload and our pay (which is pretty crap really )but at the end of the day if were needed, to put in that extra hour or two at the end of a shift because its all gone wrong we do it, we might moan but we do it. I work in industry if the guys I work with were told there was a crisis and they were asked to stay they would be talking double, treble time, nurses..........they just get on with it yeh we get tired, we get upset but mainly at bad management or rules that just hinder what we want to do .............take care of our patients, at the end of the day thats why were all in this job. Most of the nurses on this board realise the need to vent, it doesn't mean we don't like our jobs it just means were human and only another nurse can understand what were feeling, wannabeanurse if you stop and think for a minute looking after babies is wonderful, but those babies can be sick, this means they can also die, this is not a part of nursing I could do. Its not all wonderful bad things happen, hopefully the good things that happen outwiegh the bad. Ranted on enough, sorry, but you don't really know what nursing is about I'm glad your family are happy in their jobs and that nothing seems to go wrong to upset them or make them angry (can I have their bossed)they must be some of the lucky ones.
  7. by   wannanbnurse
    Ok....Fair enough!!!!
  8. by   Cynthiann

    have you checked your PM box? I'm PM'd you yesterday.