thinking about home health

  1. i was on a bus comin from a job inerview when i seen a young man about 30 somehing in a wheelchair whith some sort if tube in his mouth, as he bus driver oreoares o let him ogg im waiting for somene to ge up hat was with hi and get off he bus. he was al alone, he didnt look very comfertable, and it made me feel awful. i felt that he sould have someone to help him. of course he may not want help but i couldnt help the feeling. also there were various times individuals who were very sick come to the lab and heave blood drawn, and they were all alone. it hurs my heart, because i know how it fels o be alone in a hospial, sick, and around toal sraners wihout any one to confide in. it really hurts because i feel like they should have someone to care for them, or a least to be a companion. i had a hought to look into home health, but i am unsure, i know i have a grea passion to care for those who need it the most. seeing individuals sick and all alone really gets to me. can any one elses relate?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Homecare involves traveling to clients home for 1-2 intervals to provide bathing, dressing, grooming, some meal prep and light housekeeping (dishes, washing clothes, etc) Hours are flexable and can be planned around your classes if working perdiem.
    Starting salary is about $8.60/hr in Philadelphia. Must have state CNA/CHHA certificate and pass a criminal background check.

    Philly agencies that specialize in caring for disabled clients are:
    Liberty Resources and JEVS-Jewish Employment and Vocational Services.

    PM'd you-- can provide more info for our area.
  4. by   colleen10
    Hi Kim,

    I feel your empathy. I often feel that way too when I see sick people all alone and for that reason have also considered going into Home Health.

    I had an opportunity in college to spend a summer working as a receptionist in a HHcare office. Truly, the nurses and Aides were incredible people.

    If you are interested definately give it a try. We had RN's, a few LPN's, and Home Health Aides which were either CNA's and could provide personal care to the clients (baths, etc.) or we also had some that were not CNA's but were able to provide other types of care to the clients like helping them make meals, clean up, visit with them, check in on them and make sure they were OK in general.

    Good Luck in your decision.


    PS, edited to say that the office offered lots of "educational" opportunities in-house and would also assist employees in getting CNA certification, etc.