Think I found my nursing niche (home care)

  1. I've been a LPN for about 6 years now, I have worked in psych, med surg, ortho, long term acute care, vent units, oncology, neuro etc. I never lasted in one field more then a year. I would always seem to burn out due to the administration/patients/work enviorment etc.

    This last year it had gotten so bad I stopped studying for my RN (excelsior) because I really wanted nothing to do with nursing. My last stop was basically just working for agencies. I figured if I was going to be unhappy with my job I might as well get payed top dollar for it.

    One day out of the blue I decided to pop in to a local home health care provider. I filled out an application, interviewed took a few tests etc. They do a lot of pediatric home care stuff and since I had limited pediatric experience they decided to put me with an older gentleman on a vent. The time for my orientation came about and the guy who I was supposed to take ended up in the hospital.

    The scheduler asked me If I wanted to orientate on a peds case. I said sure. Well I just got home from the most enjoyable nursing shift I have worked in five years. The boy I was orientating was a 13 year old with Cerebral Palsy and various other complications relating to that, he had a trach and very little muscle coordination in his arms/neck. He didn't communicate verbally but a big smile was all that was needed :chuckle.

    I got there about 7:30 and the nurse orientating me was a old battle axe (affectionate term :P ) we did some treatments on him (updraft, some sort of vibrating vest thing I don't know what its called, fed him via his g button, got him dressed etc.) about 9:00 the van was there to pick him up for school. We sat with him in school (wasn't really school was basically just socilization with other DD kids) he got to ride around on a special trike (looked like loads of fun !) and other types of physical therapy.

    I really enjoyed myself, and found myself feeling something I haven't felt in a long time about a patient .... CARING. I know it sounds awful that but I have just been so burnt out on acute care, and even though I feigned caring before I really didn't feel it in my heart.

    Anyways just thought I would share my great day with you all. I am sort of not looking forward to taking the older guy when he gets home from the hospital, especially after having a great peds experience, but I will play it by ear and see how it goes
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  3. by   Genista
    Good for you. I can relate to the burned out feelings from acute care. I hope you continue to find satisfaction in homecare & that everything works out. But please keep an open mind and heart for the elderly male patient (who is currently hospitalized).I personally adore the elderly, and think you will too if you open your heart. I know kids are great, but the elderly patients can be so interesting and a lot of fun, too. Enjoy all your patients! Keep us posted on your experiences.
  4. by   Tweety
    From one old battle axe to another, glad you had a nice day.
    Hope things continue to go well for you.
  5. by   missmercy
    Hurray for you Chad!!! :hatparty: Pediatrics is an awesome discipline! I know I fell in love with it too! My first home care case was rather similar -- CA induces quad, trach, vent,feeding tube. SHe was 10 when I started taking care of her and died when she was 13. I absolutely LOVED that kid!!! I took her to school and all too! I am sooooooo glad you had a good day!!! Congrats for finding a good fit!!!:hatparty:
  6. by   Matthew
    That was a touching story, Chad. I'm still in school (ADN) and I have found--surprisingly--that pediatrics has been my favorite field. I hope to specialize in home care (but may become a traveler).

    I truly hope you've found your calling,
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Isn't nursing great?? If we feel burned out, we always have a new horizon, some other s[ecialty or work environment that will bring us back to why we became nurses in the first place. Congrats, Chad.!