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I enjoyed reading the things you wish you could tell the patient, here is something I wish I could have told the doctor: We are standing at the foot of the patients bed... Doc: Has her foley... Read More

  1. by   buggal1989
    having worked at a teaching hospital for probably to long i was happy to show an intern, resident, etc. how to do something. i did not see it as getting the doc a cup of coffee, but as training a new crop of doctors (etc.) to respect and admire nurses for all they do. i went out of my way, even at shift change to teach a doctor something they should have been taught as an intern by their resident but were not. i tried to make my "new" docs not be ....'s and to say thank you and please and in general to be polite to the nursing staff. now there was an occasional resident who thought she/he were god and they deserved to be taken down a notch or two and i had no problem telling them so! fortunately our medical director (although being a terror himself) would wring a resident out to dry for "sassing" a nurse when she told him "do you want to kill that patient or what?" - i didn't use those exact words - but wish i had now! so let's train those residents in the way we want to be treated when they become "real" doctors out in the world! now it may be that i'm from the deep, deep south but my mom an emt who i worked with as a so cute "future nurse" in high school and in the summer as a nursing student (all unpaid labor) and she taught me to be "nice" and you know what? all the docs were nice to her even when i heard them "being ugly" to other emts and nurses.
  2. by   scoliotic
    i actually said this one time to the senior OB resident.she was looking for the patient's chart, when more than half the time she was the one using it, monitoring the mother's contractions. only to rudely ask me later where it was, because she needs it, to update their consultant-on-call via phone. i told her i don't know since i am no longer on duty and still she insisted that i should hand it to her otherwise she would not be able to update, she''ll be reprimanded and all because of nurses not knowing where their patient's charts are! only to find out about 15 minutes later that it was inside the doctor's lounge! i was not gonna let her get away with everything she just said. i was about to leave when the other resident called out, it's here, it's here! must have brought it inside. i told her "so after all, i was not the LAST to touch the chart?" she said what? i answered," i said the chart was inside your lounge, SO i was not the last person to touch the chart! she went mad and threatened to call the supervisor..i said you can call her all you want, would you like me to dial her for you? and walk away...after that we passed a letter of complaint formally to the hospital administrator for her ill behavior..the incident was merely the icing on top of the cake.. i even had her co residents signed the letter.her attention was called up and now she's a bit kinder to everybody... oh and i also would like to tell them this.. scene: mother in labor, not allowed to go the comfort room, asks to pee MD: ma'am..she want to pee (bedpan is under the bed) ME: then give her a the bedpan! are you legally blind or what? scene: still in the labor room, lots of stat orders, phone ringing, mothers needing assistance. MD1: ma'am did you infuse the 8 units synto already? ME:getting bedpan for mother..not yet a while MD2: have you done the skin test already? MD3: how about mrs so and so's cbs? what time was it taken and how much?did you refer it to the IM resident? what did he say? MD1: what is mrs so and so's BP? (BP app beside her!) ME: from the bedpan, answers the phone,opens the door, another pt comes in MD 1,2,3,4: how come yuo're so slow, i've ordered this like 5 minutes ago.. ME: you tell the Sisters (runs the hospital) to hire nurses with tentacles, that way every single order you write will be carried away!