The South African Floor Polisher Massacre -

  1. Reported in the Cape Times.

    The paper reports that every Friday over a period of months a couple of years ago, hospital staff found the patient occupying a certain bed in intensive care lying dead with no apparent cause. At first it seemed coincidental. Then doctors feared a 'killer disease'.

    Deaths continued.

    Finally, a nurse noticed the Friday cleaning lady doing her weekly chores. This maid would enter the ward, unplug the life-support system beside the bed, plug in her floor polisher, clean the ward, and once again plug in the patient, leaving no trace of the cause of the patient's death.

    How many died in the South African Floor Polisher Massacre? Possibly several. The Free State health and welfare department won't comment but is investigating.
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  3. by   boggle
    Betts, is this for real? It's so bizzare that it sounds like one of those urban legends. Anyway to validate it before the story spreads???
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  6. by   Zee_RN
    That still sounds very bizarre. Our facility never polishes floor of an occupied room. And our ventilators ALARM when it is unplugged. And the nurses would notice on the alarming monitors that a patient was bradying down or pressure dropping or apneic or something.... Patients usually don't just *die* without any warning--at least not those on life support. They're not just found "lying dead" in ICU. Maybe this was a chronic vent unit and NOT an ICU?
  7. by   betts
    This occured in South Africa, and no-doubt in an impoverished facility. I've listed the Doctor's email,ask him.
  8. by   boggle
    Whoa Betts!! My post was not an attack. My concern was that you were "being had". No offense intended, honestly!! Your page after page post of the doctor's C.V. did not defend or support the story. What were you getting at there?

    I'm a bit sensitive to the rumor/urban legend phenomenon. I've seen so many people hurt/ frightened by them.

    So many entertaining, even funny "really this is true" stories spread and grow but are not factual. Still their power to hurt the person, hospital, country, ethnic group etc. is strong. (Been there!!!)

    So that's why I replied to your post. Sorry if it sounded personal.

  9. by   kewlnurse
    I have to admit when I saw the title i thought it was a joke, but man, could you imagine. I can see how that would happen, floor polishers can be noisey and mute roiom alarms, they may also have old equipment with out alarms...
  10. by   JeannieM
    I haven't determined whether this story is true or not, but I do agree with boggle about urgan legends and the harm they can cause. I'm the world's worst about getting upset at medical things that get forwarded to me, when I know they aren't, or can't be true! Just yesterday I got the one about the CA125 "definitive diagnostic" test for uterine cancer. Not too long ago, there was the one about the fire department coming through the ICU hospital window of some dying child in Arizona with a ladder to say goodbye! (If the kid didn't expire from the shock, I bet half of the other patients did!). I just wish people would make some effort to verify the accuracy of these e-mails before they forward them.
  11. by   betts
    I assure you that No-Offense taken,I was just doing what we all do instinctively; "Covering My Butt!" I also hate urban legends and hoaxes and use this site:
  12. by   Zee_RN
    from urbanlegends (

    "Summer 1996 saw this hilarious yet chilling story take the Internet by storm. In an article purportedly from the 13 June 1996 Cape Times ("Cleaner Polishes Off Patients"), it quickly became the story of the moment. Various publications picked it up and ran it as a news item, further adding to the legend's credibility.

    "Bottom line: no matter how many papers you might have read that said different, there were no Friday massacres in Pelonomi Hospital, no murdering floor cleaners, no overly-callous hospital spokespeople imperiously intoning, "The enquiry is now closed." It's folklore, pure and simple -- a tall tale that got loose, then went on a rampage.

    "How did this amazing story come to be taken as a news item? As always, through a misunderstanding. The legend had been around forever, so Die Volksblad (a small yet widely-circulated rural South African newspaper) took it upon itself to get to the bottom of this persistent rumor. Part of that effort to uncover the truth resulted in a Die Volksblad article asking those related to the victim(s) to come forward.

    "That article was picked up by Die Burger, and it was Die Burger's article which Cape Times got hold of. In much the same way children playing a game of "Telephone" will invariably garble the message, Cape Times' version came out as a news story, not as a rural paper's attempt to sort fact from fiction. From there the tale went to other publications, very few of whom bothered to check either with Pelonomi hospital or Die Volksblad.

    "Those journalists who checked with Cape Times (and not all of them did even this much) were told that yes, it had run a story about this. Unknown both to the reporters doing the asking and Cape Times personnel doing the answering, the version made popular by the Internet and the actual Cape Times article weren't the same. The Internet version had been greatly embellished, further garbling the already hopelessly garbled and creating by the stroke of a few electrons a suitably cold-hearted but entirely fictional spokeswoman for Pelonomi Hospital.

    "From there on in, it became a zoo, with publications such as New Scientist and the Sunday Telegraph claiming this as a news item. And why not indeed? Cape Times was telling them it was.

    "South African folklorist (and all around neat guy) Arthur Goldstuck was involved with this tale almost from the moment it appeared. His fascinating Cleaner Polishes Off Patient FAQ is filled with an incredible depth of detail about this legend.

    "Although the 'murdering South African floor cleaner' tale was new in 1996, its plot was as old as the hills. "
  13. by   boggle

    I love that urban legends site!! Have visited it many times and had a few laughs at myself over stories I've bought into,(hook, line and sinker!). :chuckle
  14. by   kids
    My 19 yo (today!) still won't eat at Taco Bell because he he doesn't want a cock roach egg to get lodged in a salavary gland and hatch!