The Reading Comprehension on the TEAS test

  1. Is anyone else haveing trouble getting a good passing score on the reading comphrension teas test ? ( This is the first part of the test, the test tests over reading comp 1st, math2nd, sci 3rd and English last.) I am having quit some time trying to get a good passing grade w. the reading comprehensive section and i cant even honestly tell you why. It seems it should be the easiest but its the one im having trouble with. They give you 4 answers to choose from and i usually find two answers that it could be so i get stuck between the two and 5 times out of ten pick the wrong one!!!! im so fustrated. I have the ati study guide book and the online practice test. Also i have downloaded the Mcgras nursing exam book and have been studying in that . ANYONE w. any sort of help please do so ! thanks
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  3. by   classicdame
    I don't know how anyone could advise you since we are not aware of what is the issue that prevents you from scoring as you wish. My best bet would be to read the answer then go back and underline in the text where that answer is found. Read the paragraph or sentence again and try to determine why you did not pick up on that. It is all a memory thing and if you are anxious your memory may be "impaired" temporarily. Good luck. Wish I could help.
  4. by   dudette10
    First off, when you read a passage, understand not attempt to memorize details. Let the passage form a picture, movie, or diagram in your mind. Train yourself to do this quickly due to time constraints.

    You might also want to familiarize yourself with the different types of writing: expository, persuasive, explanatory, etc.

    Before you even look at the questions about the passage, try to answer these questions in your own words:

    What is the main point of the article? What is it trying to tell me? What comparisons is it making? What conclusions are the author drawing? What is the evidence for those conclusions? While you are reading the passage, it might help for you to underline some of the sentences that succinctly answer these questions. Remember, your answer to these questions cannot be correct without EVIDENCE from the passage.

    THEN, look at the questions and the answers. Sometimes, test-takers will look at the answers without having formed their own opinions of the passage, and the answers themselves will guide the selection...often to a wrong choice.

    If you are using the study guide, take a look at the answers you chose vs. the answers the guide has indicated are correct. Look back at the passage and attempt to understand why the other answer is correct. Underline the evidence from the passage that led you to your answer and do the same with evidence for the other answer. Is the difference now clear to you?

    Good luck!
  5. by   KaseyP
    When I take a reading comprehension test, I find it more benneficial to read the questions first, pertaining to the particular set of paragraphs on the reading comp test, and then I skim the paragraphs for the appropriate answer. It saves me time and I know exactly what it is I'm looking for because I've already read the question. Maybe, that will halp you as well!

  6. by   LilMSSunshine
    I would read the question carefully, and read that first. Then carefully read the passage. The reading comprehension in the McGraw book is very different from the reading comp on the TEAS test.