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This weekend was my first weekend at work. We didn't have much going on Sat, but had 3 hips Sun. The cases lasted from 0800-1500 with no breaks in between. On the weekends, the staff just consists... Read More

  1. by   JMP
    You have to see so much of this to believe it.

    Setting the Record Straight:

    1. Yes, I graduated in 2001, but I am over 40 and many years in health care before I became a RN.

    2. Mario, well, is Mario. I agree with Susy's interpetration of events. I am pointing out to him, perhaps in too harsh of a way, that many things you need experience in. Even nursing school itself does not prepare you for the wonderful, strange world of nursing. I notice Mario, that despite it all, you are still here, stating your views, and well, that goes in your favor. As for everyone else's ranting about it, I think both Mario and MYSELF can stand up for ourselves........right MARIO???

    3. The flash point of the whole thing was the deal with the cart, which, appears to be a lightening rod some many of us can relate to. In this discussion it is the cart- but it could be so many things, right????? It is the power struggle that exsists in the health care world. I think EVERYONE who has worked in health care has experienced some experience like this one.
  2. by   ratchit
    I, too hate the shift wars that happen everywhere. Days thinks nights does nothing, nights thinks days treats them as babysitters, not "REAL" nurses.... Argh.

    I agree that the cart stunt was childish. But I disagree with putting a note on it or ignoring it. To me, it sounds like there is a much bigger problem in this unit. Ignoring the cart issue will ignore his childish "I caught you!" behavior, but it won't fix the bigger problem.

    I would talk to the night nurse directly- I bet you hear about lots of perceived slights that have been going on for months. To that night nurse, this linen cart might have been the proverbial last straw.
  3. by   Jay Levan
    Of course, we have all been confrontational with one another, at some point(s) in our careers. I was trying to convey two points, one was that the original thread, in my opinion, was also related to ego issues, but I also believe that this particular Poster was attempting to vent their anger, and seeking support for her view of this obvious issue. Point two was related to how (in my opinion) Mario let his replies deteriorate to his own egocentric area(This picture of me vs. that picture of me etc.) In my opinion only, I feel he strayed from the original thread. I do not mean to criticise, only making an observation as to how I read his responses. I have a deep respect for all my brethren and I applaud our efforts to help one another here. After 28 yrs. in our profession, I have learned to be much more tolerant of others views, even if they are diametrically opposed to mine. I also wait to respond to any thread until I have thought out my opinion on a particular subject. I would say that this choice, for me, works well. I am able to express my views without attacking anothers opinion. I also know that I am far from perfect, and make mistakes as well. I only hope that I am treated with the same respect I seek from others. If you read my post Mario, please be assured that my previous reply, was not an effort to disrespect you in any way. To JMP, one can never be sure what another is thinking, when they respond, but we all can usually see anger when it is expressed. Again this is my opinion only, not to be construed as criticism. I appologise if my post offended you in any way. By the way, I really like your "quote" and live by it daily, even though I know I have failed at times.