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This weekend was my first weekend at work. We didn't have much going on Sat, but had 3 hips Sun. The cases lasted from 0800-1500 with no breaks in between. On the weekends, the staff just consists... Read More

  1. by   JMP
    I am a female Mario. Having a stong opinion, and not being afraid to show it, may indicate male traits, but believe me I am WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!

    As far as the headless hoarseperson thing goes- cute and not accurate. It is true you are not a RN, so that part is right. You are not IN nursing school, have not been in health care, so if you post something that is clearly not right, I will give my opinion of the same subject too. I have just as many rights to my educated opinion as you do to yours. I do not cut for the sake of cutting. So the headless thing is off base.

  2. by   JMP

    I was a LPN for 12 years before I spent three years in nursing school.
    Does that give me the right to speak up when I disagree? YES.
  3. by   JMP
    135- if you think this is a personal attack against someone, time to revisit some of the other threads. Lots of people spend time cutting some people down for their level of education, years of experience etc. My basic problem is that Mario often gives opinions, which in a regular chat board, would be OK, I guess. But when the facts are presented in a way that I fundmentally disagree with..... I say so. I have had many years in health care, even worked as a CNA years back between school years, so I guess I have the right to have my own opinion about NURSING related topics, like this one.

    This subject, started out about a power struggle and situations related to a nursing enviroment that are particular to that enviroment. I agree with the earlier post, if Mario finds me hard to take, wait until a Dr. is climbing up your frame for something they think you did wrong, a fellow RN screaming because you did or did not do something they felt you should have done.

    I had a RN watch me give a bed bath when I was working as a CNA because they thought I was not fast enough. It was humiliating. I still remember how I felt. But I got over it.
  4. by   135ctv
    Originally posted by JMP

    I was a LPN for 12 years before I spent three years in nursing school.
    Does that give me the right to speak up when I disagree? YES.
    I think you do have the right to disagree, just as Mario or anyone else also has the right to disagree. My point is that rather than giving a rational or logical reason for your disagreement, you seem to turn it into a personal attack. As I've said before, diversity is a good thing. (Do you understand the concept of "group think"?) You can learn a lot from others (even if you percieve them to be less than your social or educational equal) if you are open to it. If you don't feel that someone's advice or input is of value to you, you are welcome to disregard it. Keep in mind, however, that the input may be helpful to someone else.

    Well, thats all that my little nurse's aide brain can handle for now. (These complex topics just wear me out).
  5. by   RNPD
    "Not a nurse, just a cna.............."-135ctv

    Hey 135-how about changing your signature to "not a nurse, but a great cna!". I hate seeing someone referred to as "just...." anything!

    As far as the linen cart-can't please everyone all the time, and this guy sounds like he has some real control issues! I liked all the suggestions for revenge; they were fun to contemplate. But KC, you got it right in the end-just ignore it and don't stoop to his level. You are a better person than that!
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    JMP - I still love you :-) You are fine with your suppositions. If you feel nurses and hospital work environments are abstract functions, well, thats okay too. I gain insight from your additude. People are people, I heard. Mario sees all people (nurses too) as having a single factor in common: we're sentient beings. And we all matter.

    If the person with the "cart complex" pulled that with me...I'd just move the cart, to make him happy. Thats just me. Of course, by doing that, a measurable amount of people may try to then boss me around, since i did that, and they might attempt to push more stuff on me. Their mental expressions would show, then. I'd place my "root symbol" over their actions and reveal their factors. Maybe they just need some simple addition or subtraction so our lines would become parallel, and not perpendicular. They still gonna have a vertex, and we all agree where the origin is.

    Okay - so I will take my algebra final today, and see if i remember any of these analogies in the future. :-)
  7. by   micro
    micro micros in.............

    135ctv............good support and thought process...........

    mario........gee, did you not know you weren't in nursing school yet.......gee that is right you do.........I remember from previous postings you are in prereq/s now.........and start in fall........great, we need you in our ranks...........and stay on the threads.............

    love the headless horsemen analogy.........loved the movie and book also.........

    when I signed onto this did not ask if I was a nurse, a cna, a student or a lady bug for that means.........

    jmp---------lighten up.............there is a bunch of us here that are women.............and to that I could one of two things or two things cause i can

    gee if you ever feel like coming at me, please excuse me if I just ignore the attacks, cause such negativity kills the positiveness of life.............
    that kind of attitude is yet another example of nurses eating their young.......better watch it sound pretty young yourself.......lots of old b.......... nurses out could be reading one such b...... nurse reply right here..........

    and since when do we nurses get so high and mighty that we think that just because others haven't experienced this so glamorous career yet that they haven't experienced life and other similar situations and that they have opinions and thoughts to share
    I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR...........or meow!

    and #2, I am a are people too.............

    take back in the

    mario made a point, you don't have to publicly shadow him.........

    or so it seems to more than mario

    jmp.............gee you graduated in a nurse..........then let me insert my 0.02.......

    I graduated in 1992, been a nurse for over ten years.........respect all in nursing and out of............
    I would hunch, but may be wrong(was wrong one other time ;/), but bet I am chronologically older than you also and have had my share of life experiences............. the negativity...........and attacks on has a way of jumping back in your own psyche.............

    jmp---------also for the thread the topic.......not attack someone else just cause you can.............there is a moderator on this thread..............and I just may call them on this
    and I am entitled to say this as I am woman, am a nurse longer than you, have been on this earth a few years, and gee, get

    mellow, love, express, accept and experience,

    much love and peace needed in this world

    p.s. micro usually very lovable.........but she got a bite, too
  8. by   135ctv
    Originally posted by JMP
    [B]135- if you think this is a personal attack against someone, time to revisit some of the other threads. Lots of people spend time cutting some people down for their level of education, years of experience etc.[B]
    And the fact that "lots of people" do this makes it right????? I enjoy a certain amount of disagreement on a thread. It is interesting to read different views on a subject. People have different life experiences and they draw on those experiences when responding to thread topics.

    I just think you will be more effective in your argument if you stick to the topic at hand and try to present your views in a logical manner. Resorting to slander and personal attacks only serves to reduce the credibility of your argument.

    Micro, I like your response.

    RNPD, I sign my name "just a cna" because that is how a lot of people view cna's. I think that I am much more than "just a cna".

    Mario, keep posting. I like your attitude and the way that you look at things. As a patient, I'd much rather have a nurse who viewed life the way you do than some ballsy ***** with an attitude.

    KC CHICK, maybe you need to take your own advice and "develop a thicker hide". These things happen when you leave school and go out "in the real world" regardless of the field you're in.
  9. by   hapeewendy
    I agree with micro *big shock there huh?*
    haha JMP please lighten up! I didnt realize that
    it took an RN to offer an opinion about a stinking linen cart!

    truthfully I have seen you take things the wrong way and "attack back" so its not just Mario
    see the thread you yourself started on the dr who gave the ultimatum to smoking patients

    and this crazy notion of having to walk a mile in "our shoes" is just that, crazy! I can see that rationale if someone was making an inaccurate statement about something nurse related,but Mario's posts have often been bang on about some topics , you dont have to be an RN to be around the medical profession, last time I checked this was a forum for "all nurses" and since Mario will be a nurse and tries his best to keep up on current hot topics for nurses we should commend him, not beat him to the ground for not having the prestigious *yah right, hey nurse where's my bedpan?* title of RN

    just think how you would feel if someone constantly belittled what you had to say and your opinions based on your occupation or something similar

    I think there is a way for us to disagree at times
    with maturity and civility.
  10. by   KC CHICK
    those nurses, students, etc....that have turned my thread into another beeeeaatch session for your egos. I was simply trying to talk out an aggravating experience that I had and was not expecting this crap!

    135ctv, my hide is thick enough to know that this person will not ruin my day. However, I will not tolerate the treatment that I received. That doesn't make me weak or thin skinned.

    Again, another good attempt at discussion----- destroyed.

    PS: For those of you that gave positive and professional feedback and comments, regardless of if I agree or not....I TRUELY THANK YOU. You're the ones that make the profession great.
  11. by   Hardknox
    Sorry your post turned into a ***** session, KC CHICK! JMP--life is too short. Put Mario on your ignore list if he bugs you. It's easy. Click on profile, click on put this person on my ignore list. You never have to see another post by him unless you want to!!!! (Worked for me!!!!!!)
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    Okay, as one of the moderators of this forum, I must interject. This is not the place to be putting each other down and calling one another names! This must stop now! No wonder we can never get anywhere as a profession! We must stand up for one another not tear each other down! Do you ever see doctors do this to each other? I don't think so. So, can't we just all get along and be friends? Thank you.
  13. by   rncountry
    Actually yes, I have seen docs that are in the same specialty and competing behave in much the same manner,and why for heaven's sake do we always have to compare ourselves to docs?
    The issue is not the cart, the issue isn't rather the cart should have been moved or not. The issue is a nurse who has to feel I am much better than you and let me prove it. The horizonal abuse that takes place in this career field is crap. Plain and simple. And that is what this issue boils down too. The problem is that when one complains about it, or feels they are not going to put up with it they are told in one way or another that they aren't behaving appropriately, professionally, "nice". The image of the all-suffering all-giving smiling while I bend over for you female nurse image is one that is not only promoted by popular media, management, docs but worst of all US. We all want to pat her on the shoulder, say it is ok, or buck up, or ignore it but God forbid it be confronted. What is more or less said from the vast majority of nurses is sit down, shut up and be a nice girl. You're going to get the rest of us in trouble.
    While I think the sign is funny, I'm glad that you figure not the best thing to do. While it is difficult to begin with, it works much better to directly and verbally confront someone who believes it is appropriate to behave that way. You will have nurses who will tell you that is not correct, it will only cause you more problems. I say only for a minute, as soon as others realize that you will hold your own and then some the issue disappears. As a new nurse a year out of school I started in a neuro ICU unit. Had no idea that this was considered the worst unit in the hospital to work because the nurses there were so difficult to get along with. I learned there never to take crap from anyone, and I also learned how not to treat others, especially the new grad.
    JMP, I would work alongside you anyday. I would always rather work with someone who is upfront and blunt than the mealy-mouthed person that blows their mouth in the breakroom but won't say boo when push comes to shove. And personally I also think that someone offering advice needs a bit of time in the trenchs to be at least understanding of where the professional nurse is coming from. I don't see how that is wrong to say so.
    I hope this type of activity does not scare any nurse off, but the reality is this is how it is. We will all complain, whine call it what you will, but until nursing is ready to address the issues in our own basement there is not enough money, better staffing, no mandatory overtime or understanding management that will keep nurses in the direct care role. Too many other jobs out there for females nowdays. And it isn't going to work for others to go could you all just be nice and get along? Could you all just take the traditional female role and stop it? It will take nurses to address this issue and nurses to solve it. Not outside people telling us how to behave, we have done that from time one and look what it has gotten us.