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  1. Hey everyone! I recently graduated in December 2003 with my ADN. I took the boards at the end of February and unfortunatley I didn't pass. I was very very bummed at myself considering I know that I'm a great nurse and that I have the skills to be out there. I know that I let my nerves get the best of me because I raced through that test like there was no tomorrow.

    My questions is: Did anyone else out there fail the boards the first time they took it? And if so did you pass the second time and how did you prepare yourself?

    I'm getting ready to retake them at the end of May. I think having to wait 90 days is absolutley ridiculous, but hey whatever the BRN syas goes I guess. Well, hope to hear from some of you nurses out there soon!
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  3. by   MayBaby
    I did pass the first time around, to my amazement and some luck. My stragedy was taking two "review" courses and using several review books. Both review courses were different. One was 'free" (I am sure included in my tuition) and the other cost about $250. One course literally reviewed verbatim med-surg, ob-peds, psych, and pharm. It was a little boring but was a good review for the classes I had over a year ago. The other course actually used cartoon-like pictures with key points drawn into the picture to help emphasize and help me remember the important stuff. This class was fun. As for review books, I exchanged CDs/disketts weekly with fellow classmates and just kept answering question after question. I know for a fact that a few of the hundreds of questions I reviewed and answered were on the NCLEX in some form. I was able to answer them correctly on the NCLEX after first getting it wrong during my review because I remembered the rationale given for the correct answer. Good Luck in May! Try studying one subject (med-surg, peds, etc) several hours a day for one week, then go to a new subject the next week. Most importantly SLEEP the night before the exam, no studying to calm your nerves. You can do it!!!
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    Why do have to wait until May... The wait is now 45days.... That went into effect in January... I also graduated in December, and a few of my classmates who failed are fixing to retake, and they only waited 45days.. ?????
  5. by   jazznkate
    California,Washington,Guam are some states that would have to wait 91 days to retake NCLEX according to NCSBN.

    I had a coworker who failed the first time passed the second time in March .She told me if she only knew about Kaplan course the first time around. She said she just kept watching the long videos and clips over and over again until she understands them. Many people recommend it.

    Hope this helps.