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Last night was my 2nd orientation day at this LTAC. When I walked in, the supervisor couldn't figure out who to team me up with coz there were 2 other orientees, and a couple of agency nurses.... Read More

  1. by   loricatus
    Quote from CRNI-ICU20
    of course she has requested to orient you another time....YOU ALLOWED HER TO SIT ON HER BUTT ALL NOC WHILE YOU DID ALL THE WORK!!!!
    Was thinking exactly the same thing.

    Now, if it were me, I would have said to her that: if you are the best they have got and I was able to do all your work in one night, giving you all this free time to sit around on your butt..........well, you get the point.
  2. by   Jade005
    Quote from Wise Woman RN
    Sounds like a preceptor from He**... but please, Jade, just because she is old, don't think that all old nurses do that to new ones... I love precepting, and the new nurses I work with are with me, side by side, the entire shift... It would be nice if that particular idea would just go away... Mean people come in all ages...
    I guess I could have chosen a better word I wasn't referring to her chronological age. what I meant is that nurses (some) who have longevity or seniority tend to be determined to make nurses who have recently graduated or are newly hired pass through the baptism of FIRE so they "earn their wings" so to speak. All of this has nothing to do with age. I believe it all stems from that territorial thing that goes with nursing.
    I read an article awhile back, Beyond dualism: Leading out of oppression. that said something about how Nurses engage in horizontal violence through nitpicking, backstabbing, and bickering rather than banding together to change our profession through empowering each other and improving our work environments we become petty and only add to the already stifling and stereotyped positions we hold as 'servants' rather than highly trained professionals.
    I am sure I didn't say that as well as the author did Fletcher was her name she has a PHD and is a Canadian Nurse It was an extremely enlightening article and I was dumbstruck because she said it all from feminism to communication, age old stereotypes that we as a professional group tend to exacerbate with our own behavior towards each other.
  3. by   deeDawntee
    Oh My God!!! I am SOOOOO sorry this is happening to you. I do believe you (probably) need to get out of there but I also think you need to communicate exactly what happened to someone where it might make a difference. It is also probable that your direct manager is not the person to go to, given what horrible working conditions she/he has allowed to develop and continue there. Is there an HR department or better yet, a retention committee or person at your hospital? Is there an overall Director of Nursing? I would take what you have already posted here and bring it in to the powers that be. There will be somebody in your facility to whom this will matter.

    Good luck, BTW, I had 6 different nursing jobs in about 18 months until I found the right niche for me. Not fun, but worth it!!!!

    Hang in there!!