The Greatest!

  1. A couple other threads which mentioned teachers were the inspiration for this one.

    I just want to say a HUGE thanx to all the teachers out there! I am an LPN student at the moment and am blessed in that every single one of my instructors are GREAT!

    I have had a number of different instructors and teachers throughout my life in a number of different settings, and there is nothing like a teacher who is a nightmare to make you appreciate the great ones!

    In my life I also have been an instructor in a few different areas, so I do know a little about all the extra time, preperation and effort you must put in to make each and every single class come off the way you hope it will.

    Just knowing the subject matter does not automatically mean you can teach it! Just being able to perform a technique flawlessly does not mean you will be able to effectively teach it to another! (Simply saying - "do it this way" isn't always enough!)

    There is a LOT of extra work and sacrifice that our teachers must give to assure that we learn that which we must know.

    Thank you again Teachers - for nurturing my dream so that it can grow.
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  3. by   bedpan
    After re-reading my opening post in this thread, I realised I had to say a little more than just thanks to my present Instructors! Please let me share just a few of the things that make my present Instructors so great -

    If any student has any problem with anything - Each Instructor will stay after class and work with them until it is understood - They have lives also but to them each student is IMPORTANT!

    Each one comes in prepared for that days lessons - each one is as excited about teaching as we are in learning - each one knows HOW to teach - each one tries to make the information interesting (And we all know THAT isn't always possible!) - - - -

    The list is endless!!!!
    I could just go on and on!
    I am a very lucky student!
  4. by   Noney
    I've been out of school a few years but agree with you. A good instructor stays with you all your life. You may not think about them often but every once in awhile their voice is in your head leading you along.
  5. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I have 2 or 3 instructors that I can hear in my head and 1 awesome and I do mean AWESOME mentor that taught me so much where my instructors left off. I feel that I am truely blessed and fortunate to have had them cross my path.
  6. by   Tweety
    UntamedSpirit, funny I said the same thing last night as I was cathing a patient and contaminated myself. I told the student I was with, "I can hear my old instructor saying in my head...'have a conscious when it comes to sterile technique'".

    I had some awesome instructors and a couple of bad ones. But the good one's live in my practice all these years later.