The effects of the past week on LTC residents

  1. I work in Long Term Care. We've had an emotional week with our residents. Some understand what has happened and some don't. Some have sensed the anxiety and sadness in those who are their caregivers. We all watched the memorial service on Friday and I witnessed many different emotions. I wrote the following poem and thought I would share it with you all. Peace.


    Marcella started singing
    But wasn't really sure why.
    It's just that the others around her
    Had raised their voices high.

    We were all engulfed in a sadness
    That wasn't hard to understand.
    So when Marcella started crying
    I gently took her hand.

    As we all stared at the images
    Only half of us understood.
    Marcella kept on singing
    As only Marcella could.

    Some faces watched in horror,
    While others simply stared.
    Marcella, like so many,
    Just didn't seem to care.

    But again Marcella started singing
    And wasn't really sure why.
    It's just that the others around her
    Had raised their voices high.
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  3. by   aimeee
    I've worked in LTC and still consider it "home". A very touching poem. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. by   lesliee
    I worked Sept 11th and the mood in the building was awful. I had residents whose children worked at the pentagon - thankfully they were not there at the time. I have a 103 yr old resident worried about her nephew, an international banker in New York.
    Residents compared it to Pearl Harbor - people were weeping and old timers were packing up their uneaten lunches, wrapping them and stating that they would send it to people who needed it, just like they did during the war (World II, that is).
    What a profound experience...
  5. by   prmenrs
    I told someone this week that I have enough experiences in my life in which I could remember where I was and what I was doing when it happened or I found out about it. Or that sickening feeling when you wake up and the radio is telling you that something awful has happened.

    Korean War Truce signed: My Dad and I had a discussion about not eating all my lunch and the poor, starving children in Korea....I told him I would "pray for them". Next morning, he came in to wake me up with the newspaper, "TRUCE SIGNED" I was only seven, so I thought I had done it!

    JFK: Anatomy class @ the University of Hawaii, 9-10am. My sisters and parents watching TV on Sunday and breaking into tears. My usually unaffectionate mother actually pulled her into her lap--she was ~ 11

    I wish I could remember MLK, but..

    RFK: 5:30 EST, my last week of nursing school. 1/2 awake, I thought, if this ruins my graduation..OH, wait a minute, what'd he say?

    September 25, 1976, I think. My birthday, I slept late even tho I was supposed to work, I had told the ohter Infection Control Nurse I would be late. Half dozing (again!), I heard the DJ--something about a plane crash in North Park, a neighborhood in San Diego, a PSA plane collided w/ a private plane on a flying lesson. Took out several blocks, including a couple of day cares. One casuallty, a fireman w/ a heart attack. But I did jump up and get dressed, and get down to the hospital. By the time I got to my office to grab my stethescope, we knew noone had survived.

    Reagan's assassination attempt: woke up from Night shift this time @ the ususal 1pm. Went to watch the soap I used to watch til I could go back to sleep...

    The Challenger: It's not a good sign when they break into the middle of a song on GMA to go the Cape. I'm getting ready to take my son to preschool, and I sit down on the bed, and start saying Oh no, oh no. Juan's eyes were big as saucers, and he started crying, too.

    When I realize what your residents have been thru, God Bless Them and all of us!!
  6. by   dtweed
    I also work in long term care. Most of the staff had a hard time concentrationg on their jobs. WE had tv's, and radios on everywhere tokeep abreast of the news. Residents seemed quiet and calmer than usual. but the rest of the week they seemed more restless.
    On Friday we planned to a little memorial service at noon. Just as all the staff and residents gathered in the dinning room, President Bush came on the TV. We listened to hime before our little service. Not one member of the staff or one resident complained that dinner was 25 minutes late. Extra staff helped to get in out quicker. Its" great to staff pull together when needed"
  7. by   Mijourney
    Hi. It is awesome to hear the various generational responses to the evil acts that took place last week. The opinions and wisdom of those who have been through major wars and economic depressions are priceless. I take note of various family members of mine who've in a sense been there and done that. Let's all take the time to listen and take note even to those who are not able to communicate to us in conventional fashion. Thank you LTC nurses for bringing this to our attention and especially thank God for the availability of these people.