Thank You To All Nurses and Staff..

  1. I just wanted to say THANKS to all you wonderful RN's, LPN's CNA's, Tech, (sorry if I left anyone out here....) My FIL was just released from the hospital after a week. What was a horribly frustrating experience for us with the physicians was made much more bearable by the nurses and nusring staff on this unit. It was the nurses who answered our questions and let us know what was happening and why. The Dr's were the worst and I did stand up to one and tell him in no uncertain terms that to the family it was unacceptable for my FIL to not be seen by a physician for 2 days, the family, MIL in particular was at the hospital every day waiting for him and he never showed. His response to me was (I am quoting this directly) "I was not sure the level of care you were expecting" :angryfire I told him, perhaps if you do not know, you should make a point to see the family? And it is my understanding that since you have no direction either verbally or in writing from this man, you should do everything for him you can. After this, he was very attentive. Ah well, I digress...

    My point is, I and the entire family are thankful and grateful for the wonderful nurses and staff working on the units who take the time to to reassure patients and families alike in confusing times. I am not a nurse (yet) so as a non licensed person.. THANK YOU!!!
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  3. by   Hairstylingnurse
    Sorry to hear you and your family had to endure that. Good for you for standing up for your in-laws. Is your fil better? Is he out of the hospital???? I hope you all have very happy holidays
  4. by   wayover20
    I'm sure the doctor won't bill for the 2 days the pt. wasn't seen...yea right. That response about not know what level of care you were expecting is a "canned" response that administration is pushing everyone to use when a pt/family are questioning their care. Sort of insulting isn't it.
  5. by   Tweety
    Glad you were there for your FIL!