Thank you from a new MICU RN

  1. Wanted to thank all of you. Just got an RN hospital position in the MICU. Graduated December of 2008 with my BSN, passed NCLEX March 2009, first job in LTC June, 2009; and new position in MICU- today. I will be starting on the 14th of this month. I couldn't have gotten the position without you all- Suzanne helped me pass my NCLEX first time, no review course; the excellent advice about looking outside of the hospital for my first position- landed a subacute/rehab position; and great interview tips and questions to ask for my LTC position and the MICU position. I love :heartbeat Thanks again!!!
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    Can pass on those tips to me ?
  5. by   webmansx
    Wooooohooooo!!!!!!! There ARE jobs for new grads! Congratz
  6. by   Lucky0220
    You are a CLASS ACT! To take the time to thank everyone shows a lot about your character. Now if only more nurses, (including myself), could follow your lead, maybe one day nurses will be nicer to each other and we won't ever hear that horrid expression "nurses eat their young" again. Best of luck to you.:heartbeat