Tennis Anyone

  1. Are you following the tennis -

    l know that for some of you - your favorites maybe out - but l love the English season and Wimbledon--spelling ? cant think tonight
    We still have some representatives in the mens in particular.
    Carn the Aussies

    Tookie:spin: :spin:
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  3. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    From deep in the heart of texas

    Lost interest in tennis when my knees gave out, that was long ago. But I can talk about
  4. by   donmurray
    Tim Henman mania abounds. A Brit in the semi-finals! Speculation that a British man may win for the first time since 1930something! With Cash, Becker, and Mc Enroe commentating, I hate Tennis!
  5. by   Tookie
    Well l am sad to say l hope that poor old Tim wont be playing after tonight

    I rather love the spirit of Leyton -

    come on Aussie come on come on :spin: :spin:
  6. by   donmurray
    No worries!
  7. by   Tookie
    OK who is watching the Williams sisters and who is going to win?