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Hi Everyone, Just found out my telephone interview for AZ will be today!!! Please everyone who can...say a prayer that all goes well! I'm so excited, and sooooo scared...of not getting Read More

  1. by   Brownms46

    i got it! i got it!!!

    doing the happy doing the happy

    thank you all

  2. by   Brownms46
    Ok...Mattsmom, and's time to eat and par tay...:chuckle.

    Tenative start date Jul set a date, and let's go...
  3. by   nursejws
    Brownie, that's so awesome!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!

    I arrived at my interview on time and took some tests before meeting with the HR lady. We met for about an hour and I was confident and positive with my answers. I have a confession...on they have interview questions and direct you on how to answer I practiced. I'm glad I did that too, no question was a surprise.

    Then I had another interview with the accounting supervisor for another hour. We hit it off, and the interview just flowed.

    The AP supervisor told me that I was exactly what they were looking for, and that she was impressed with my resume and me. AND, the HR lady was impressed with me as well. BUT, she is not done interviewing candidates, and will make her decision late next week. I don't know how to read that, no one has ever said that to me and left me hangin'. No doubt I want this job, and I will be a perfect fit! They are hiring for 2 positions...I hope my name is on one of them.
  4. by   Brownms46
    OOOh Jeri....

    From what you have wrote I can taste success in the air!!!

    I mean didn't she tell you ..."you're JUST what they were looking for, and how impressed they were with you ??? Jeri were confident, well prepared, and excited, and it showed thru...believe me it showed through!!!

    I bet you knocked their socks off..:chuckle!! Thank you so much for being supportive, when you were worried about your own situation!! I can't wait to hear the great news. I wouldn't be surprised if you heard by Monday or sooner. But No matter what...YOU keep the faith... You desire the best....because you're the best :hatparty: I can't wait to see you doing the happy
  5. by   nursejws
    ((((((((((((Brownie))))))))))))))) Thank you. I want to work at this place for a while...I plan to go from AP to RN in the next few years.

    Have you started packing yet?
  6. by   Brownms46
    You go Jeri...:chuckle

    Nope not packing....still doing the happy ...and going to get me something to eat...:chuckle
  7. by   nursejws
    I just wrote two of the most fantabulous thank you letters (post interview)!!!!! I am so stoked about mailing them today(snail mail). I actually have a dollar, enough to buy two stamps!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

  8. by   mario_ragucci
    Mario's Prayer:

    May the time and the invisable magnetic forces produce worthwhile and pleasant interviews for these great people, and may they receive the paths in life alighned with the positive.

  9. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by nursejws
    I just wrote two of the most fantabulous thank you letters (post interview)!!!!! I am so stoked about mailing them today(snail mail). I actually have a dollar, enough to buy two stamps!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

    Very good... Money well spent I'm sure! And I See you're doing the happy !!
  10. by   eltrip
    Congrats, Brownie! Happy packing!

    Good idea, nursejws, to write those thank-you letters! They make an impact!

    All the best to both of you, & lots of (((((hugs)))))!
  11. by   nursejws
    I just read my thank you letters to my Mom...she said I sounded so...dare I say it....MaTuRe!

    I told her I AM mature! She said, hmph. :chuckle:

    Went to 2nd interview today....not impressed at all! The hours sucked, and the "potential" to earn more = commission. blah! No thanks. She said I would hear something next week.

    Mario, thank you for the prayer. Every little bit helps.

    Oh, I know what I was going to say. Yesterday during my interview, the HR lady asked me what my co-workers would say about me (strengths/weaknesses). I told her they would say I'm crazy. I laughed, and she laughed, and then I answered properly.
  12. by   live4today
    i am soooooooo thrilled and excited for you! congrats on getting the job, and you bet i want to celebrate with you! how about inviting all the texas nurses who want to join you in that celebration as there seems to be sooooo many of them here on this bb. i'd love to meet them! you will love arizona...according to my oldest sister who already lives there. i really hope you two can meet while you are there. she's a super super person! she's quite contagious!
  13. by   live4today
    Nursejws...also saying prayers for you that you land that job you are hoping for. :kiss