Teas Help!!! If you have recieved a good score on your TEAS READ

  1. I have taken the TEAS twice now and the highest score that I have recieved is a 74.7% and I studied about 4 days total for each test and pretty much crammed for them both. Now I have a month to study and I have been for two weeks foe two hours or more a night. I have bad test anxiety and within about 20 minutes into the test I lose confidence in myself. If anyone out there has recieved a good score or higher please tell me what your study habis and testing skills were... I need any advice I can get. I have the Kaplan guide and the ATI guide but I am starting to think that I am a lost cause :*(. PLEASE HELP ME
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  3. by   Hopefull nurse
    Hi, I will be taking the TEAS for the first time on the 23rd of September then will apply to Nursing School by the 30th deadline. Please have a little more faith in yourself. You have to remain positive and do your best. Also, work on the practice test everyday and don't try to cram too much stuff. Your brain won't retain much if it is being overloaded......at least it never worked for me.
    When you go and take the test, have a positive mind set and don't get discouraged. You know, if you think negative thoughts, negative things will happen. Go in there and say you are going to do excellent on the test!
    Believe me, about 2 weeks ago, I was stressing about the test already. I kept saying to myself I wasn't going to get a good score, why bother trying. But, I really want to go to Nursing School. 1 test is one of the first hurdles I will encounter but it won't stop me from my ultimate goal. This may sound cheesy but when I decided to go to school and take my pre-requisites this upcoming fall semester, I was having extreme doubts. I was scared nuts! One day I stopped by to get some Chinese. I never really pay attention to the paper inside the fortune cookie. This time I did. It read "NEVER GIVE UP" I knew I couldn't give up now.
    Good luck on your TEAS. You will do fine. NEVER GIVE UP.
  4. by   RNCEN
    I am taking mine next week. I have not been able to study quite as much as I would have liked to...But, with working 50 hours/week, taking a 4 credit class over the past 6 weeks 4 nights a week, maintaining a home, and trying to see my little girls when I can, I did what I could. I too am apprehensive, but I (and you) cannot let that get the best of you. I will continue to study, and I'll go in with the mindset that I will do my best....and I'll do just fine.
  5. by   Robert2012RN
    I just took the TEAS for the first time and got an 86. You didn't indicate if there was a particular area of weakness for you. If there is, what is it? If you scored equally low in every area, then you may need some formal (classroom) remediation.

    I took a refresher math class before I even started my science pre-reqs. That really paid off!
  6. by   ToBANurse2010
    What is TEAS?????? Is this a part of a application process for a nursing program????????
  7. by   Robert2012RN
    TEAS stands for "Test of Essential Academic Skills." Many of the nursing programs require a certain passing score before candidates may begin classes. Google ATI Testing for more info.
  8. by   eholt19351
    i not only bought the TEAS study manual from atitesting.com, but i also bought two other nursing school entrance exam study guides from borders. i felt those two books helped me more than the TEAS study guide did. i also started studying 2 weeks prior to my test date. hope that helps! good luck
  9. by   jcbhappy
    I have taken the ATI Study guide for all the sections and I always do terrible in Science. I am nervous for the Science because nothing in my pre-reqs cover what I need to know. I am taking Chem 101 and Bio 102 and still do not see the anwsers I need.... Geology!!! What!!! Help!!!!
  10. by   Jules A
    I only used the TEAS study guide and felt it was helpful but I happen to be lucky in that I tend to test very well. The thing with these tests, imo, is that they are really testing what you already know not what you can learn by cramming a few weeks in advance. If you can identify an area of weakness definitely brush up on that but my best advice would be to learn how to take these standardized tests effectively. If you have test anxiety it is very difficult and I would suggest you consider talking to a therapist for tips on managing the anxiety part of it. This test is just the first of many like this that you will need to master to become a nurse. Good luck!
  11. by   superramvette
    i took the teas and got a 85. i took it one time without studying. i believe studying would have allowed me to score a 90. My net test was a 81 the first time and a 91 the second with studying.

    moral to the story, study study study study. Take as many online practice tests as possible. concentrate on speed.