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Ok so I have a question. I am going to be starting school soon to be a LPN. My question is I have a pretty good sized tattoo on my left wrist. It isnt offensive, its very pretty. It is a... Read More

  1. by   ElvishDNP
    One of my best friends from childhood is in her third year of med school (went back at age 30 - ). She also happens to be covered in tattoos much like the dude in oklahomagal's pic. Everything but her face is inked, pretty much. I also know she's going to make a fantastic doctor. I hope folks give her a chance. If she has faced any kind of flack about it, I haven't heard.
  2. by   Clovery
    Tattoos & piercings aren't for me, but I'm not bothered by them on other people. Honestly, as a patient, I'd probably view a nurse or doctor with tattoos or extensive piercings as more "down to earth" and approachable. Doctors especially often don't show much personality (in my patient experience) and seeing an outward expression of personal taste/creativity would put me more at ease with them.

    If I were a doctor I'd look into specializing in earlobe reconstruction because I have a hunch that all these people who stretch their earlobes out are going to regret it in the future and want it fixed
  3. by   Biffbradford
    Quote from Emoorhou
    I think a tongue piercing is more of a sexual thing than asthetic
    If that's the best thing a person can come up with to 'spice up' ones life, then it's time to go to the library.
  4. by   Clovery
    Quote from DixieRedHead
    I am old. I wonder if someone could explain a tongue piercing to me. It's not because it's pretty because it's inside the mouth, unseen most of the time.
    typically, a tongue piercing consists of a "barbell" or a metal rod with balls on the end. The ball provides stimulation to the clitoris or frenulum of the penis during oral sex. tongue piercings intended to pleasure women are usually closer to the tip of the tongue, while those aimed at the pleasure of men are farther back. However, I think some people get it done just because they think it looks cool.

    I once watched a girl briefly choke on her tongue as she tried to swallow a piece of spaghetti that got wrapped around her piercing