1. "......, as of June 1, 7,800 nurses will withold their services in a work stoppage starting at 5:30am.

    Nurses are emphatically unified in their determination to stand up and speak out for safe patient care. Nurses have demanded bold changes in their contracts, and proposals advanced by the hospitals remain far from adequate.

    Meanwhile, community support continues to pour in to the MNA offices from individuals and organizations in the form of memos, voices mails and pledges of donations."

    Read about it here:

    On June 1st when nearly 8,000 Minnesota nurses walk I wish every nurse across the country that isn't working would gather in their respective communities and have demonstrations to support the Minnesota nurses. It would be a great public awareness opportunity.

    Any ideas how this could be quickly organized?

    I'm in Cleveland Ohio and would love to hear from any nurses in the area that would like to gather on Public Square around 5:30 a.m. when they are expected to strike, and hold a demonstration and vigil of support for them.

    And for our own Youngstown nurses who have been out over a week now. And administration doesn't even show up for scheduled meetings!

    Let's get the eyes of the nation focused on nurses!

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  3. by   StaceRacer1
    Just a thought....
    How about each nurse that posts in this BB create a type of "CHAIN LETTER" to send out to other nurses. Whether it be E mail or or real mail, it would work like a CHAIN LETTER would. The nurses who receives the letter would then have to send it to atleast 6 other nurses. This would help inform other NURSES out there that do not visit this website.
    And for those negative NURSES out there asking the ?, "What if someone breaks the chain? What is the POINT?" I guess you would have to state something like this in you chain letter, " If you CARE about your career or if you have been GRIPING about your job....THEN do not BREAK the CHAIN ot you have NO RIGHT to GRIPE ABOUT IT ANY LONGER!!!!!"

    Hey, we could even have a " uniform " chain letter that could be downloaded to the computer.

    WHAT are your THOUGHTS??????????

  4. by   -jt
    I give it a week. The community will not allow their hospitals to do this........ 8,000 Rns??.... what are those administrators thinking?????? Do they think the RNs will feel responsible for the mess that will be created or feel obligated to avoid it & just take a substandard contract out of concern for the community? They are striking BECAUSE of concern for their community. They arent creating this mess. The hospital is. It is up to the hospital to come to its senses in the next few days & avoid this whole fiasco. Hang tough, kids.
  5. by   cargal
    StaceRacer1, I love the idea of a letter, pass it on to six nurses, ask them to make six copies, and pass it on etc. Include the web address to bring as many nurses to the web. Letters could be put in the cafeterias at work, and on windshields in the parking lots also. Great job ..the ball is in our court!!
    Wow 8,000 nurses! How can we support them here in Pittsburgh area and Allegheny County. How about the Three Rivers Arts Festival. We could have signs of support there every evening. I'm game!!! How bout you Zee_Rn?
  6. by   StaceRacer1
    I will DO IT!!!!

    I would love to be able to be a part of something like that!!!

    Tell me the day, the corner , and I bring the sign!!!

    Hey my brother might be able to help out!! He owns his own sign shop!!!!!!!

    What do you say NURSES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let's do something!!!!!!!!1
  7. by   kjmta57
    YOU GO MINNESOTA!!!!!!! I notified the fresno bee and LA times we'll see if the print what I had to say.