Talking about the working conditions !

  1. Hi ! I'm a nurse from China.I want to talk about the working conditions with you.
    First, I will tell you my working conditions.

    I am living in China,Nanjing .And I'm working in a hospital named " Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital" .I am working in department of general surgery.I have worked for nearly three years.The salary is about 1500-2000 yuan every month.I have two days on leave everyweek. But I always feel very tired.
    Because the number of nurses in this surgery is only 11 including the head nurse!And now the number of patients is more than 50!So we couldn't work very well and patients often get angry with us.Sometimes we couldn't help patients on time.I usually feel bad ,sometimes I hate my job!Do you have the same conditions as me ?

    I want to know your working conditions.I'm waiting for your reply.
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  3. by   live4today
    hi wang ying

    the conditions you describe are the same here in american hospitals....sometimes worse depending on the hospitals in question.

    how much in american dollars is 1500 to 2000 yuan???
  4. by   Wang Ying
    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    hi wang ying

    the conditions you describe are the same here in american hospitals....sometimes worse depending on the hospitals in question.

    how much in american dollars is 1500 to 2000 yuan???
    thank you for your reply.1500-2000 yuan is just $187-250 .
  5. by   barefootlady
    Hello Wang Ying,
    I understand the nurse in China has a much greater role in patient care than we do here in America. I understand the equiptment in some facilities is very old. Is this true for your facility? I have read the nurses in your country are very overworked and the pay is very poor. I understand the average salary there is around $100.00 to $150.00 american dollars a month. Does the hospital supply you with a living space or apartment? Who supplies the uniforms? Are they white or another color? Do nurses still wear caps or other forms of head-dress to mark their profession? DO families cook for the patient or do you have a modern kitchen to supply meals? I understand that diabetes is not a severe problem there, is this true? If it is not why do you think this is? I understand heart disease is on the rise there, is this true? Do you think the pressure of attempting to be the supplier of manufactured goods to the world is causing modern disease to gain a foothold in China? Lastly, do you blend the ancient Chinese medicines with the more modern forms of treatment? I hope you will shed some light on my questions, I am a serious student of history and social change, so I love to really be able to converse and explore with someone from another country.
    Now let me say, yes even in my little state of WV, we have facilities that are able to do 50 or more procedures in a day. The facility I go to for care can do that many easily and they are expanding the surgical unit next year to have 20 more rooms. There would be more than 11 nurses on duty in a day, more than double that really. Of course, this does not count what we call "outpatient" surgery. Someone may go to one of these for a simple procedure, a simple tumor removal, eye procedures, dental care that requires surgery and many other little procedures. There are many nurses who specialize in a certain type of nursing here and also nurses who just teach, or do research. Salaries here are varied and depend on where you live, some states pay a nurse quite a lot of money on an hourly basis but the cost of living in these areas is high. I will attempt to think of more ways to describe how we function as nurses here. One thing I can tell you, there is a vast difference in the level of respect we, as nurses, are accorded in different areas of our country.
    Please post again. I hope you get some rest soon and you can enjoy your job again soon.
  6. by   suzanne4
    I received both of your PMs to me.......thank you.....
    Depending on the number of surgical cases scheduled and the type of case, a nurse can do anywhere from one to about ten cases per day.....length of case also plays a part. The nurse in the OR can either circulate or be the scrub nurse. Also depending on their training, they can also work as a first assistant to the surgeon.............

    Please keep posting..............
  7. by   Wang Ying
    Thank you for your reply,especially my friend Barefootlady!
    You gave a long reply.Thank you !
    You have a lot of questions,and I will give you a reply.

    My hospitial doesn't supply living place to me. And it only emploies nurses in its city.My uniform is supplied by the hospital.It's write in department of surgery.It's blue in ICU.It's green in operating room.And it's pink in depatment
    of obstetrics and gynecology.We wear caps to show our professions.For example,the RN like me wear a white cap.And the head nurse wears a white cap with a green line on it. The chief head nurse wears a white cap with two green lines on it.And the superintendent of nursing department wears a
    white cap with three lines on it. Our hospital has a modern kitchen to supply
    meals for patients.We can also buy meals in hospital.
    I found patients who had cancer is more and more these years.

    I just have worked for nearly 3 years.So I can't answer all of your questions. Please forgive me.And I'm not good in English.If I have any grammar mistakes,please tell me.Thank you !
    I hope we can keep in touch.Wish you work happily!