Taking the Boards!

  1. I am taking the boards today at 9am! I am very nervous and of course I didn't sleep well. I know that isn't good! Well, please wish me luck and I will keep you informed. It takes about four weeks for us to get the results...UGHHH. We don't have that phone system here in Rhode Island, so I guess I have to sweat it out!

    I'll tell you how it went!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Good Luck. Just remember you have your guardian angel with you .

  4. by   Y2KRN
    Hello Burger914,

    Good luck to you today!!!!!! I look forward to hearing how things go for you. You are close to where I live, I am in New London, if you are interested we could use you at our hospital!!! Do you have a job??? Are you looking???

    My thoughts will be with you today!!! Welcome to nursing!!!!

  5. by   burger914
    My computer shut off at 75!!! But I finished in only 30 minutes!!! This can't be good! I don't know what happened, I was just going along and the computer shut off. I didn't realize I was going that fast! I don't feel good about the questions at all. I know everyone says that, but 30 minutes??? Did I even read any of the questions???? UGGGHHH. Thank you guys for the support though!
  6. by   burger914
    Hi Y2KRN,
    How far is New London from Rhode Island???
  7. by   CEN35
    burger the time is meaningless......its whether you did well or not. you'll be fine......don't walk around in the state of panic or like a zombie for four weeks now ok?
  8. by   Y2KRN
    Hello Burger,

    Try not to sweat the boards!! I know that it is easier said than done believe me I know. Shutting off at 75 is pretty good, just from my experience everyone I knew that took the boards and the computer shut off at 75 passed! Relax and do something fun, spoil yourself a little you have worked hard and the biggest accomplishment is getting through your nursing program!!! Congradulations again.

    I am not sure how far Warwick is from the Norwich/New London area but, Westerly is about 25 minutes away. How close is Warwick to Westerly?? I love RI by the way!!!! I keep telling my husband I want to move there. We ended up here in CT because of the military!!

    There are two hospital in this area. Lawernce and Memorial in New London, (I work there now) and Backus Hospital in Norwich where I just took an Er position. I like L&M but, Backus has the level II trauma.

    I think the psych unit at L&M may be hiring and I know the nurse recruiter well she was our nursing director at Three Rivers whcih is where I graduated from. If you are interested let me know, if it is too far, that's cool too. It is nice to talk to someone from the area!

    Have a good week and remember enjoy yourself a little!

  9. by   burger914
    Thanks for all the replies. I read other posts from people after they take the boards and now I sound just like them! It is fustrating having to wait so long. I do feel a big relief now that it is over though.

    Y2KRN, I am not to far from Westerly. I am interested in psych,but I would have to get my Conn license first right? Rhode Island is very nice, but we also like Conn. Most of my husbands family is in Cheshire and we try to go there as often as we can.

    Again, thanks everyone for the support!
  10. by   nar-S
    keep us posted