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Is learning how to suture a basic part on an RN's training? Or, is it a part of C.E.? Is you used only in the E.D.? Or, other departments also?... Read More

  1. by   zenman
    Quote from Salus69
    I was looking at few NP programs online but none seemed to mention suturing. Might it be listed under something else besides suturing i.e. advanced nursing care?
    The one at the University of South Alabama website shows some FNPs in a suturing class.
  2. by   Salus
    Thank you.
  3. by   Salus
    I was finally able to get the answer. There is not a specific course for suturing for a NP but it is covered is the " health assessement" courses.
  4. by   dragonfly954
    I work in a busy county jail.we have an old retired md that comes in 2 days a week for clinic and we rely on our np to come in for sutures,relocations,i&d's for staph cases,etc.most of her business with us is for sutures.
  5. by   Farkinott
    Remote nurses in Oz suture all the time. No formal training, you learn on the job. Most people start with drunk heads but over time you can do some good work. Ultimately if you do your best you can achieve equivelant results to what a doctor (who has had training) can.
  6. by   TMPaul
    Quote from Agnus

    Nor is it a CE.

    It is outside our scope of practice.

    The military is the only place I now of in the USA where nurses suture.

    It is possible (I do not know) that some specially trained OR nurses might suture.
    Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwife) can and do suture.