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  1. by   kittylover
    We just started using the computer for all admission assessments. We still do paper charting and meds on paper, but have heard that med sheets will be the next thing to go on computer, and then nursing notes.
  2. by   nightnurse49
    Anyone out there in LTC?
    Anyone else agree with me the paperwork is horrendous? I have worked med surg, rehab and LTC. Hands down, the paperwork to keep the state and Medicare happy is backbreaking. It's all on paper. The only thing computerized are our monthly doctor orders, entering lab orders and the MAR's--which still have to be checked by hand and often need changes.
  3. by   IRISHBREAD
    we use paper for nursing but are supposed to be going to computer soon. resp therapy does computer
  4. by   nursenatalie
    We are currently using both systems; paper and computer. Some things are "double documented" during this phase of switching to paperless. Im sure it will be better once we get completely switched over but for now it is a real headache!
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    we use computer
  6. by   dianah
    Computers: CPRS and BCMA.

    I'm curious WHICH computer systems are being used, and what kind of feedback ppl have about using them.

    Used Medi-tech at previous facility - VERY cumbersome!! (and we weren't even fully using it yet!!)

    So far like CPRS system. Comments????
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Siemens is the program we use, only bad thing about it, it makes random dinging sounds without even touching the computer :spin:
  8. by   TreceRN
    Our facility is currently living in the "limbo" world of part paper, part computer We implemented order entry many years ago (docs write the order on paper and then we input the orders into our computer system, which is interfaced with our lab system, no paper). We also input height/weight and general admission history. Physician H&P and consults are put in the system via our dictation system. All labs, ancillary notes, dietary etc in in our system. We "go-live" with the rest of nursing documentation, including care plans and "work lists" in November. Our system is called "Lastword" and we are able to actually customize a lot of what we do based on end user feedback. I think it's great, but many nurses are naturally freaking out about it Fear of the unknown, accompanied by an adversion to change can make for some seriously vocal opponents, but as Tim Porter O'Grady MSN says, "either get on the bus and go for the ride or get off now, and I'll even help pack your bags". Technology is here to stay, I just hope that those decision makers regarding systems and functionality included NURSES who will have to use it!
  9. by   mystc42
    When I came to the hospital last year they just had the paper system, but we switched to computers about 6 months ago. I didn't like the switch over at first,but once we got use to the idea it all became much better. We use computers for everything. We have charts where we print our days worth of charting on there and keep up just incase the system were to go down. But we actually use a barcode system where we scan the pt id bracelet then scan the meds. It prevents medication errors but is still a pain sometimes. But if it saves one life then it is worth it. Our system also corresponds with the surrounding doctors offices so it saves us time there!